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5 Children Dental Care Tips

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As parents, we want to take of our children’s health at home as best we can to limit Dr. and Dentist visits and the hardest part is memorizing standards and preventative schedules. I was sent some tips to share that you can print or save as a reference from renowned Dentist and Author Dr. Kourosh Maddahi. 

  1. Ages 0-5: Avoid fluoride toothpastes! Kids tend to swallow toothpaste. At this age too much of it can create white spots to appear on their adult teeth, and these spots last forever. Adults should also avoid taking any extra fluoride. There is already fluoride in the water and on foods to act as a preservative and an excess of it will also cause these irreversible white spots.
  2. Ages 2+: No sleeping with a bottle of milk or juice because they will completely decay the teeth.
  3. Ages 2-5: Take your kids to the dentist! If they have any cavities at this young age the infection could cause discoloration in the adult teeth underneath their baby teeth.
  4. Ages 3+: No more thumb sucking. This habit will change the shape of the arch and make it narrower. A narrow arch is the reason some people will see black holes when they smile from their teeth to their cheeks, and as someone ages the lack of support from the teeth is also the cause of vertical wrinkles forming around the lips.
  5. Ages 2-12: Avoid the antibiotic Tetracycline, which is sometimes given to kids when they get a fever. Though it does handle the fever, it also creates dark bands in the enamel of the teeth. These stains cannot be removed, and the only solution to them is carefully placed veneers and crowns.
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