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5 benefits to using FreeShipping.com to do your holiday shopping #LoveFreeShipping

This is a promotional post fro FreeShipping.com on behalf of Clever Girls Collective

5 benefits to using FreeShipping.com to do your holiday shopping #LoveFreeShipping
When it comes to holiday shopping or shopping for any event, how much of it do you do online? Do you enjoy the crowds and shopping in the stores or do you prefer to browse at home in a quiet space? More and more shoppers are turning to online shopping for the variety, price comparing and to avoid crowds. I have always been on the fence as to which I prefer. I do enjoy the act of shopping. I can get out of the house by myself, stop at a coffee shop and walk the stores. However, I do find the better deals online. Shopping online can save you money with the right tips and the right sites! The one deterrence I have for shopping online is the shipping costs. I can’t justify spending extra money when I can swing by and pick it up myself. FreeShipping.com solves this dilemma and allows me to save and get free shipping at my favorite stores by shopping online.
5 Tips for using FreeShipping.com to do your holiday shopping
  1. Free shipping-get free shipping when you shop favorite retailers through FreeShipping.com. In the event you are to pay a shipping fee when shopping through this site, just submit a rebate and you will be paid back those shipping charges
  2. Free returns-be guided to free and no-hassel online returns
  3. Price protection-get paid back the difference if you find a cheaper price on your products within 90 days
  4. Cash back is a flat 10% rate on every purchase. FreeShipping.com keeps the tally of your purchase totals and you get a quarterly check with 10 % (after taxes/fees) of your purchase totals. That’s an extra 10% in your pocket on top of the great deals and free shipping you received at your time of purchase.
  5. Black Friday specials-You get 20% cash back for 4 days (Black Friday-Cyber Monday) at 5 different retailers each day. Retailers include: Walmart, QVC, Sears, Gap, Nordstroms and more! Keep your eye out on these!
So get those ads out, start circling your favorites and head to FreeShipping.com to enter your retailers sites. Shop, pay and in the end you get a guaranteed free shipping and an extra 10% cash back and perhaps 20% if you shop the retailers on the day they offer the extra cash throughout Black Friday weekend. Don’t forget to keep your eye out on your products price for the next 90 days because you get the difference if it ends up cheaper! Why waste time and stress battling crowds when you are guaranteed to save more shopping online?
Get started with promo code: HOLIDAY2014
Sign up for your FreeShipping.com account now and your first 30-days are free! You can do your holiday shopping with no fees! After the 30-days, simply pay only $9.95 a month. When the average shipping costs are over $9 an order, being a FreeShipping member saves even with this great discounted fee. These rates and free 30 days are only guaranteed using the promo code above-you’re welcome!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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