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4 Ways to Raise a Healthier Child

Instilling healthy life habits into a child is much simpler when they’re younger. If you teach a child to eat delicious veggies early on in their lives, they’ll grow up with the idea that healthy food can be delicious, and they will be more likely to crave healthy foods instead of sugary sodas or high sodium fatty chips. And, you won’t have a tantrum on your hands every time you’re walking through the snack aisle in the supermarket. Here are a few ways to raise a healthier child using better food and lifestyle choices.

raisie a healthier child

Learn how to Make Veggies Delicious

A lot of children make a bad association with things like salads or Brussel sprouts, because they’ve never had good ones. But, if you learn how to make veggies delicious, they will grow up to like them. 

Spruce up your salads with pieces of citrus fruits and a delicious vinaigrette with imitation bacon and low fat cheese. Learn how to cook vegetables like broccoli and Brussel sprouts the right way and drizzle them with a bit of fresh herbs, lemon juice, and a little bit of butter and olive oil. Or, just throw them into a delicious stir fry. 

Take them on a Light Version of Your Workout Routine Twice a Week

Children naturally want to be like their parents, so take advantage of this to make them more active. Every morning, make a big deal about going out for a workout and purposely look extra excited about it. If they ask you why you go running every morning, tell them it’s because you want to be big and strong. Sooner or later, they’ll beg you to come with you. This will be a great occasion to teach them the importance of exercise and will give you bonding time with them.

Get them Enrolled in Sports

Most children will have a fascination with a sport earlier on. Whether it’s gymnastics, baseball, figure skating, or synchronized swimming, find out what it is and ask them if they’d like to do it. Take the time to see what it takes and what kind of budget you’ll need to set aside for it. It doesn’t have to be at a competition level, and many local organizations like the YMCA offer recreational classes that you can join. 

Don’t Forget Special Occasions

Special occasions like the Christmas holidays or birthday parties should also be as healthy as possible. If you allow them to binge on unhealthy foods, they might develop a taste for them and end up craving them.

Having a healthy birthday party is not that complicated. Just make sure that you have plenty of healthy options and fun activities that will keep people moving. Also make sure that the whole party’s theme is health oriented even down to the invitations. There are tons of great free birthday invitation and card templates that you can find online and customize. So, start brainstorming for ideas, and come up with the best healthy party that you can.

Raising a healthy child is all about making the right decisions early on and leading by example. It’s also about making sure that they have tons of healthy options on hand and develop a taste for healthy foods from the time they’re infants.

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