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4 Products That Allow You to Sneak in Your Probiotics

I was sent samples for feature

Probiotics are recommended for just about everyone young and old and once approved to start taking the supplement the last thing you want is another pill to swallow. Even my own son is picky so unless it is a gummy or I can hide it in his food or drink, he hesitates taking supplements. The greatest thing about science and medicine is the ability to compound or mix certain medications and supplements safely into foods. Such is the case with probiotics. Adding probiotics to foods that taste good gives you a snack and your supplement without swallowing it in pill form.
The Vitamin Shoppe has always been my go-to supplement stop for the family. We have a store at my local outlets and I always stop in when there to stock up. Now I keep my eye out on available products that allow me to sneak in supplements-whether it be powder to stir into recipes or bars and breads.
Here are some ideas you will find at the Vitamin Shoppe of probiotic enhanced foods.
Made with gluten-free oats, natural cocoa powder and pure bittersweet chocolate bits and probiotics added. Just add water and microwave. Comes in Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Maple Pumpkin, Cinnamon Apple, Smores, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Buttermilk Protein. The double chocolate is so delicious!
A caffeinated tea with a blend of probiotics and Hawthorn Berry, Coriander, Cumin and Chai Spices. You drink up to 4 cups daily for digestive support.
A delicious tropical punch flavor that supports immune health and restores digestive balance. A serving is 1 chew daily for children 4+ and adults
Want a capsule?
Provides 50 billion CFU’s and also contains prebiotics which acts as food for your gut and a great addition to a probiotic for full digestive health. You can take 1 or 2 capsules a day.
There are plenty more options from chocolate bars to kids gummies that enable you to get your daily dose of probiotics. Visit the to find the right supplement and a shop near you.
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