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4 Popular Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Christmas Morning

I have partnered with Zing and Yulu for the popular gift ideas feature with samples sent

4 Popular Gift Ideas for Your Child's Christmas Morning

Popular Gift Ideas For the Stocking

Zing Dama: This is an evolved version of the KenDama  with the added concept of a yo-yo and Zing. It is built with a ball, ring, string and adjustable strap. The strap goes on your finger and how you catch the ball depends on your skill level. There are added LED lights to make it even more fun any time of the day. You can buy in stores and on Amazon.

Metal Chuckz: Like thumb chucks, these are coated in a softer “Metaltek” coating. No bloody knuckles for you with this coating. But, they are weighted and heavier than thumb chucks. So you can put your best skills into it.

Spin Circuits: Like a fidget spinner only way cooler. It is 3-pronged and the LED light system offers 20, YES TWENTY, different pre-programed patterns. Anthony likes to stack him with his other spinners and really put on a spinning show. We found some on Amazon.

A Gift for Under the Tree

Have you seen the Yulu games? These have become such a hit with my 9 year old. He owns Safe Breaker and now his newest game is Operation: Escape. These games are like a virtual escape room concept where the goal is to break in or break free. Operation: Escape is about breaking free. The Skill Challenge requires players to wiggle a key out from the bottom of a cage using sticks. The Strategy Challenge uses cards divided into 3 levels of difficulty. Find these popular gift ideas in stores and on Amazon.

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