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4 New Year’s Resolutions You Will Be Motivated To Keep

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2019 is days away and we are back to talks about New Years resolutions. What promises we want to keep and how we will stay motivated to keep them. Really, it is also about trying to prove to ourselves that we can keep promises and stay disciplined for an extended period of time.

If your resolution involves health – moving more, eating healthier, taking care of yourself better and making those dreaded Dr appointments you have been avoiding (especially if you are my husband), lol!

How about family and resolutions of community, personal and even global health. Service, Peace and Time is all you need for these resolutions and once you can do this then suddenly you are more busy and moving more and healing in incredible ways. Consider these 4 New Years resolutions you will be motivated to keep in 2019.

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This is a big word that actually can be accomplished in small tasks. Better yet, the entire family can commit to promising a year of more service. Ways you can do this in small tasks is take advantage of incredible grocery store sales and pick a few extra items and make a stop by your local food bank on the way home. Maybe it cost you $5 to buy 10 boxes of mac n cheese and the kids carry the bag to a food bank step.

Another way to do service is scan your local community group help pages and find someone asking for something you can manage. Before I throw out our kids bedding after buying new or board games when I am purging I always do a quick scan that someone out there has not asked for it in a need. The list goes on for ways you can begin serving others in your community.

Practice Kindness

This may sound a lot like the service examples I gave. Do serve others is kindness, but practicing kindness can be more personal. Grab a pen and post it note, write yourself a kind message. Maybe you write “today I won’t let anything wipe off my smile”, “today you hugged your child when they were upset” and go place it on your bathroom mirror for yourself in the morning. Maybe another day this week do the same thing for your spouse or child and leave it for them.

Practicing kindness is just stepping outside of yourself to make a quick gesture. Whether you tell yourself you won’t be so critical of yourself or vow to pay for someone’s coffee or drive thru order once a month, kindness is so easy to accomplish.

Ditch Digital

Do you have constant intentions to stay more organized? How did our parents do it? They had multiple children, less online help for shopping and paying bills and still managed to keep it together for the most part. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if it’s as simple as paper!

Digital calendars and planners seem fine and handy, but if you are like me you put a note in hour phone and then it is remembering it is there that is the task. Our parents hung calendars where they were visible, they taped notes and carried planners on their person. Their tasks were staring them in the face. Try staying organized on paper and ditch the digital and it may be just what you need to keep up on your tasks.

Get on the Floor with the kids

“Mom, can you play Barbie with me?” “Mom, will you play Candy Land?”…just a moment, maybe later…these are the typical responses they get from us, right. Get on the floor!

Sure, you have chores to do, but think to the last time you stopped a moment and gave them 10-15 minutes because that truly is there attention span, it isn’t much. Did you give yourself a little pat on the back? Of course you did, that time felt good and you feel good for giving it. Try once a week and maybe work to a few days a week to give some floor time of a non-electronic time or maybe there is electronics involved, whatever they want!

Declutter in stages

How is our home clutter? Have intentions of tackling it this year? It is so daunting and you may not even know where to start. Pick a day a month and mark your calendar. Perhaps you can find somewhere that day for the kids to go, a camp or Grandmas.

Take one room each month and just tackle it. Painting a wall or buying new linens can drastically change the look of a room with little cost. Have a donation box and fill it up! Buy a storage bin so it is available to fill, mark and put up the stuff to keep but not have out. if you have a plan, it is not daunting!

That seems doable, right? And you and your family will gain bigger hearts and have a more peaceful home for it. Happy New Years!

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Cindy Peterson

Very doable and we would all live in a better world if we would practice doing these every day.

Angela Saver

These are all great resolutions and ones you will definitely feel good about keeping!

Dorothy Boucher

I really love your ideas here, I have been saying a few of these for a few years now to others. I really love about sitting on the floor and playing with the little ones, its what I do with my grandchildren now and love it, all nine of them.

Michele Pineda

these resolutions are nice, love the practice kindness, so important in this day and age.


your right these are very doable,,if everyone did these wouldnt that be awesome


I love these resolutions and I would love to practice these everyday!

Pam Wheeler

These are my resolutions, especially ditching digital.

Casey Garvey

I have a planner I write in diligently and it really helps me keep up a schedule!

Deborah (@lilducks5)

These are all more easy to do than many of us probably think to keep as resolutions! Ditch digital is probably the hardest when that is my lifeline to my family who live so far away but definitely taking time to connect with family with a phone call or letter is easy.

Jerry Marquardt

Thanks for sharing about the NYR. I make and set goals on paper to keep a nice exercise program in order to lose some weight so I am able to reference where I am at at all times. I try to stick to it the best I can by viewing the reality.

Brandon Sparks

These are all amazing. I am going to try my best to stick to them.