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4 Favorite T-fal Kitchen Products and a Back to School Contest

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I have several T-fal kitchen gadgets and it is really hard to find a favorite. They all are so functional and I love that the main feature is problem-solving. They don’t just make an ice cream scooper, they have a trigger scoop with a comfort grip. T-fal doesn’t just have an apple slicer, they include a cover so the blades are not dangerously exposed while being stored. T-fal’s egg slicer comes with interchangeable blades so you get the cut you want and the newest pizza cutter is made with ultra hard tritan and the blades remove for easy cleaning. When you have a kitchen gadget that makes cleaning it and storing easy then we relate to it and find a greater need to own it. T-fal is the brand that is practical and can serve many functions.


Our middle son is a Freshman across state at University this year and I have sent him with some of these T-fal gadgets because he needs practical. He has such a small dorm room he is sharing and does not have a personal kitchen. He has a very small sink and that is it. The products he is sent with needs to store well and clean easily. Let’s face it, the college boy is not going to throughly clean so making it as easy as possible on him is best when it comes to food gadgets.


With an 8 year old in the home that prefers home lunches, I have had to slice my fair share of apples. I have even resorted to buying pre-sliced apples despite the preservatives added. They are his favorite fruit and I want him to eat what I pack. This apple slicer will slice the apple in no time at all. Cleaning it is so simple and I put the blade cover back on and pull it out the next day. My finger tips appreciate that very well.

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