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4 Chores That Teach Kids to Live More Green & Giveaway

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One of my favorite topics to discuss is green-living and of all the brands I highlight, I love the brands with a cause and Energizer is one of those responsible brands. I am not your hippie go-green-mama, but I do teach my young son about the environment and how to make healthier choices. There are consequences-good and bad-to our health and the health of our environment within the choices we make everyday. That’s the message I try to show our boys. The most eager to care for the environment is my youngest who is 6. The teenager cares, but by that age they are more set in their ways. Teaching a child to make responsible decisions is best taught young in the hopes that they will carry on those values the older they get.

To help a child gain a healthy conscious about the environment it is best to lead by example. If it is a household practice to recycle or turn off lights in rooms that are not occupied, children will likely follow those habits well into adulthood. If you make common practices that are environmentally friendly don’t forget to discuss these practices with your young child. I have always recycled and am always turning lights off-it is a habit from long before becoming a Mother. It may be practiced by me and done my my son as habit too, but does he know why we do this? You want to make sure you have those discussions-to tell them there is a real purpose to the habits we do in our homes and why they are a benefit to the environment. Otherwise, they do it by habit without forming any real connection to the environment or understand its purpose.

It is spring and almost family meeting time and you know the kids dread the chore talk. Try switching it up a bit. To know there is a reward whether personal or towards another entity, children are more likely to change their habits and work with a more positive attitude. Make sure that they have the tools they need and for the batteries to power those tools, make sure you are using eco-friendly batteries such as The new Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries. Just as we want our kids to make responsible choices, Energizer wants to motivate you too. This is why they are promoting their newest battery made from recycled batteries and materials. How many AA and AAA batteries do you go through in your home? Now you can use batteries you know are more eco-friendly than what you are used to using. Energizer is the only brand to make batteries from old batteries and they are the longest lasting alkaline batteries ever holding storage for up to 12 years! Surely, Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries are the more responsible choice! is where you can go to learn more!

You can find the new Energizer batteries at your local Walmart. Long live the Ninja Warrior flashlights and extra-earned video game play with these responsible batteries as your children accomplish the chores that will teach them to live more green!

4 Chores That Teach Kids To Live More Green

Here are 4 chores you can have your children do that serve an environmental purpose. Make sure you explain the benefits about each chore and not just assign them. Make sure they understand the connection between their action and the health of the environment.

Recycle Warrior: The Recycle Warrior is responsible for rescuing recyclables from the trash. Create (or get from your refuse center) a chart of what can be recycled according to your zip code. The Recycle Warrior can reprimand and bring attention to anyone who threw away a recyclable in the trash.

Garden Master: The Garden Master is in charge of indoor/outdoor plants. Plants bring Oxygen and we need to care for the plants. They must go around the home inside and out at times allotted and check for dryness in the soil. They need to alert you to dead or dry grass spots (you notice these already, but make them notice too). The Garden Master waters what is dry and is the plant and grass ‘Doctor’ with your assistance as needed.

Electricity Ninja: The electricity ninja loves night and darkness. When he/she spots a light on in an unoccupied room, they need to turn it off fast and go find the culprit! That culprit needs a reminder that Ninja’s like darkness so please turn off lights when they leave the room!

Water General: The Water General will sneak up to you and order you to stop wasting water! They may knock on the bathroom door if the showers are too long or they notice a washing machine load too small that is being run. The water General does not like wasting water and only wants to see it on when being immediately used!

If you have more than one child, you may want to rotate these roles. If you pay for chores, set up a finders fee. As they find a recyclable in the trash or a light left on or dry soil, they can earn extra game time or a quarter or any amount you see fit. You can even get them interested in responsible brands by using the Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries in their devices or console remotes. It becomes fun and they want to compete with each other. The kids will enjoy the praise for being responsible and they are making the correct connection as well as habits necessary to care for the environment around them.

Learn more! Head to the Energizer EcoAdvanced Battery campaign page!

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