4 Aspects for a Successful Kitchen

In life, delicious food matters as much as true love because you can’t love with a hungry stomach. Additionally, finger licking foods are not a cup of tea for everyone. It takes a lot to create such recipe which is praised among all. You might have heard one of the most prominent traditional sayings regarding food that “people have magic in their hands who cooks delicious foods”. As far as science is concerned, there is nothing like that, but no hard feelings!

4 Aspects for a Successful Kitchen

On the other hand, what you miss while debating on this topic is the environment. It may look stupid, but the kitchen plays a vital role in deciding the taste if you consider things commercially. Not every hotel or restaurants offer the same food quality and accordingly they find their way to success.

Remember, whether you are a cook or a commercial kitchen designer, you must understand the relation between demand and necessity. Delicious food is the demand and to accomplish this wish, a good commercial kitchen is the necessity. Moreover, to meet this necessity, resources must be available in the form of cooking equipment. Here are 4 most significant aspects you must keep in mind while considering a successful kitchen:

1. Cooking Equipment: Appliances and Kitchenware

As an owner of any restaurant or hotel, the first thing you must keep in mind before the development of your commercial kitchen is its resourcefulness. Your kitchen should be well equipped and you need to choose appliances that will be tough enough and not only able to handle everyday use, but will also be easy to clean. You can easily go with stainless steel appliances and kitchenware, as these equipments won’t be tarnished over time from contact with food and liquids.

There are a lot of companies that are serving the food industry for years, even if you are not able to decide the infrastructure or the relevant cooking equipment, need not to worry, you can count on them.

2. Clean and Safe storage

It is important for you to understand that there’s a difference between a domestic kitchen and a commercial kitchen. At home, you have a store room for the kitchen stuffs and raw food which may be near or far from the kitchen. However, in case of a commercial kitchen you can’t be such unprofessional. It doesn’t matter how large your kitchen is, a reflective storage is the key. The commercial kitchen is a working hub for the cooks. They are active throughout their period of work and hence there shouldn’t be a situation when they have to rush to some other place to get the raw food or any other kitchen stuff.

3. From food preparation to meal cooking

Apart from your own skills, you need to prepare your kitchen to cook delicious food. You’ll need some more stainless steel sinks in the wash basin for the dishwasher. Moreover, you should prefer stainless steel table and counters for mixing and cutting areas. Make sure you have proper cooking equipment for respective recipe. A good food prep station will be split into sections and following two tasks should be allocated for them in these;

Raw foods: Keep raw foods in this section

Sorting of food according to the demand of recipes in this section

Ultimately, you reach at the final stage, i.e. meal cooking. This is the most section and will include your ranges, ovens, stainless steel exhaust hoods, fryers, and other cooking equipment. Most kitchens, break their cooking areas down into things like the grilling station, dessert station, fryer station, salad station, baking station, etc.

4. Efficient layouts defining proper service section

You have to make it successful, that’s why you’ve come across this article. Furthermore, to make it successful you need to put all of the cooking equipment together into one smooth layout. There are various popular designs you might have seen such as

  • The Assembly Line
  • The Island
  • The Zone Style

However, there are always other options you can try or even that if you think you are enough creative then no doubt you should try the same by yourself.

The service section is where your servers or food runners will pick up the plates of food and bring them out. You need to keep this place neat and clean. Even your food comes out to be the most delicious one, an untidy service section leaves a negative impression of your business. The surface of the service section must be of stainless steel, as the area can tend to get messy, again leaving a bad impression.

It is important for you to understand that you are dealing with the health of people. Hence, the quality as well as the neatness of your commercial kitchen is necessary for a successful business. The negative impression can bring a loss to the reputation of your business. Remember, people buy only what they are able to see.

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