4 Action-Packed Décor Ideas for a Boy’s Bedroom

If you have a son, you know just how active boys can be. From engaging in sports to playing in the yard, kids love to have fun. Taking time to express the personality of your child in your kid’s bedroom can be a great idea. Homewyse states the average cost of decorating a child’s bedroom is $1,193-$1,391. Of course, you may want to consult with your son first, but knowing some ideas that can make this room look outstanding should be easy to accomplish.

4 Action-Packed Decor Ideas for a Boy’s Bedroom
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Sports themed bedding

One of the ways to express the likes of your child is by including a sports themed bedding in this room. What are the favorite activities your son enjoys? Is it basketball, football or riding a motorbike that allows for an action-packed day loaded with excitement?

Regardless of your kid’s favorite sports hobby, you will want to take a look at bedding since nearly every sport shows up as a theme for blankets and sheets. For instance, motocross bedding themes are available online allowing racing fans to decorate their rooms accordingly. This is certain to make any room pop and allow your child to feel special every night when going to bed.”

Of course, don’t stop at just the bedding for the room. You can choose rugs to match the comforter and help the décor coordinate well.

Select custom pictures

There’s a good chance you may have some photos with your son in action. Attending events and other gatherings where the sport is played is one thing that parents simply love to do.

Gather some action shots and put these in a frame on the walls of the bedroom. This can allow for a specialized touch that simply shows how much you care for your son and the activities your child loves to get involved in regularly.

Add 3d décor lights

One of the things that boys love is superheroes (though the recent box office success of Wonder Woman shows there’s room for girls too!) These could be from a cartoon that is watched every Saturday morning or originate from a movie that centers around this character.

Some of the most favorite superheroes in this day and age include the Incredible Hulk, Ironman, Spider-Man and many others. Listed below are many of the benefits of choosing hero-themed 3d deco lights:

1.  Provide extra lighting at night when your son may be afraid of the dark at a young age.

2.  These can easily be mounted on the wall.

3.  Extremely decorative because the background figure that accompanies these lights make it look as if these are coming through the wall.

4.  These lights are available in a variety of characters, and this makes choosing the one your child loves easy for you to do.

5.  All you need to do is choose the right sized batteries to have these lights working in your son’s room today!

Select window treatments

Choosing the right way to keep the windows covered is important. You will want to ensure a certain amount of privacy in your son’s room, and the ideal way to do this is by selecting the right window treatments.

Of course, if your son is involved in a variety of sports or worships a particular superhero, you will want to choose curtains or drapes that reflect this.  This can be the best way to bring the entire look together for your son’s room with ease.

Showing your son how much you care by taking the time to fully decorate the bedroom should be appreciated. The benefits of doing so will include a child that may be more motivated to stay active, and this can lead to long-term health benefits. Be sure to get started today on this fun project that will show your son just how much you care!

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