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3sonshavei Top 5 Healthy Living Posts

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As a blogger, I have researched, educated myself and my family and have put together some topics I hope have educated and interested my readers and thought that for those new to 3sonshavei or those that follow and missed some fun posts, I wanted to bring them forward again. Thank you for following and commenting, I love knowing people do read what I write…..

1. Do you know CPR? Read my post: Could You Stop Everything Right Now & Give CPR?
Hands-only CPR saves more lives in cardiac arrests
2. Here is a fun post with summer coming: You Can Grill That?
Picture of Grilled Romaine With Blue Cheese-Bacon Vinaigrette Recipe
3. This is still a favorite book of mine: How to “Unjunk Your Junk Food” Review
4. My favorite Subscription service! I get a box every month so I TRY the products before I buy them. I have become loyal to a few of the products and use them regularly now. See my post where I introduced the Bulu Box Company
5. I wanted to share this post because so many of us have kids in sports and it is important to know: Your Athlete & Heart Failure Risks
6. I know I said 5, but because I will always be a supporter and it is a topic I hold close to me, I want to make sure this post is not forgotten. It is one of the best educations I can promote to all adults and teens. I recently was talking to  friend who was going through some difficult marital changes and she was telling me about this great book that has helped her cope and as she described it, I asked by chance was it called: Emotional Abuse: Silent Killer of a Marriage -a book review I had done and that was the one. So to run into a second person who has been enlightened by this book is amazing! It really is a must read for everyone!

How Heather's Daughter Saved Her Life: Her Journey With Mesothelioma
Wellness Wednesday: Common OTC Medications You Can Give Your Pets

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  1. I taught CPR for many years so that would be no problem for me. I want to take a better look at the Unjunk your Junk Food also.

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