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3 Ways to Stay Organized Throughout the School Year

3 Ways to Stay Organized Throughout the School Year

As we embrace the new school year, we are forced to take a look at our everyday habits. Are they helping or hurting us? One of the most important habits to adapt to while completing any level of schooling, is organization. With organization causing benefits such as eating healthier, boosting energy, and improving sleeping habits, it’s something we can not ignore. Read below on how to implement effective tips and helpful school storage into your day to day, just in time for midterms! 

Optimize your storage 

Revamping and optimizing your school-focused-storage will help you immensely when trying to  stay clutter-free. It’s important to declutter and systemize your school supplies and paperwork into functional storage bins, at least once a week. Set aside a bin for each subject, and color code within. This way, when you are completing homework for a certain subject, your brain is able to focus on one thing at a time. This will allow you to become more productive and give you the space you need to succeed on your school work. Clutter ultimately attracts clutter, so if you keep up to speed with cleaning and organizing you will find yourself staying on track all year. 

Develop a routine 

Consistency is key! Creating a routine has numerous benefits, including instilling better habits and creating a much needed structure into our lives. We of course may not be able to keep up with the routine every day, but having something to go off of will help remarkably. Trying to just “wing” your day can give you feelings of anxiety and stress and lead to feeling overwhelmed. Play around with variations of a routine until you find what works best. Test exercising before heading to class or read through a chapter in your textbook before arriving to the lecture. Find whatever proves to be the most beneficial to your school work, and make that a habit. 

Make to-do lists 

Similarly to creating a routine, write down a to-do list each day to help keep you organized. Many successful CEOs create to-do lists the night before, so they wake up with a general idea of what is to be expected of them for the coming day. With a written list right in front of you, you will be better able to prioritize your homework and projects. It’s important to be realistic and specific when creating these lists. If you know something will take you longer than one day, write a sub-task so you know you can finish by the end of the day! 

Make this your best academic year yet! Stay organized and become the best version of you. I’d love to hear your tips on the ways you stay organized – comment below! 

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