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3 Ways to Show Off Your Graduation Memories

Graduation is a major milestone, whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or kindergarten. Once the school year has ended, and the graduation ceremony has taken place, you’ll want to showcase your memories. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Shadow Box
One way to display your graduation memorabilia is to arrangeit in a shadow box and place the box in a prominent spot in your house or bedroom. You’ll need to gather your treasured items, arrange them in a craft-store shadow box, pin everything in place, and there you have it: a work of art. Fold up and artfully arrange your:
  • Cap
  • Gown
  • Tassel
  • Cord
  • Medal
2.  Memory Jar
Another fun way to preserve graduation memories is with a jar full of handwritten notes written by friends. Invite friends of the graduate to write down a favorite memory of the grad. This is best done at a party or get-together.  All you need to do to create a memory jar is:
  • Buy a large glass jar and affix a “Memory Jar” label to it
  • Lay out pens and small pieces of colored paper.
  • Prop instructions near the jar, with the question: What is your favorite memory of the grad?
3. Photo Book or Scrapbook
Making a scrapbook or digital-photo book of the graduation ceremony and party afterward will be a keepsake worth displaying. You can buy a scrapbook and assemble:
  • Photos
  • Keepsakes such as tassels
  • Graduation-ceremony programs
  • Menus of the restaurant that provided party food
  • Matchbooks if candles were lit during the celebration
If you decide to compile a digital-photo book, all you need is a digital camera and your imagination. There are many photo storesand drugstores that will create beautiful books for a relatively low price. Take pictures of:
  • The ceremony
  • The graduate with his or her friends
  • The party guests
  • The food
  • The diploma or degree

Graduation ceremonies are occasions to remember, and these three simple craft ideas can help you do just that.

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