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3 ways to have a Skylanders Valentine’s Day

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Attention Skylander fans! Like my son, many of your kids are probably huge Skylander fans. We are on our own hunt now to complete my son’s trap collection by trying everything to track down the Kaos Trap and Midnight Museum pack! Yes! I stop every time I pass a store that carries Skylander game pieces. I also was on a hunt for Skylanders Valentined Day cards as I knew there had to be some sold somewhere and my son insisted we find Skylanders. We found them at our local Walmart store so we have them bought and he is so excited and already broke into them to check out the fun stuff his classmates will get.
If you have a Skylanders fan like me, I want to share some fun things Skylanders has for your Valentine’s Day.
Skylander Valentines Packs

These Valentine packs will entertain 8 kids per box. At only near $3 a box, this is still cost worthy to buy enough for a typical class size. It cost me less than $10 for our 3 boxes so 22 kids can get more than just a Valentine cards, they get some stickers and a trading card as well. Each package has 8 valentine cards, 8 character trading cards and 35 stickers. We will be putting these in snack size bags and adding some candy for a fun package.

Limited Edition Skylander Character

When Love Potion Pop Fizz’ latest attempt to concoct the ultimate raspberry soda totally backfired, Pop Fizz was caught in a blast that turned him pink and gave him an alluring aroma.  At least that’s how he tells it.  But with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the Skylanders are all wondering if Pop Fizz is telling the truth – or if there is a special someone that he’s trying to impress! This character is available for a limited time at major retailers for $14.99.

Official Skylanders music videos

From “Yodeling Album of the Year” to “Best Werewolf in a Rock/Metal Performance,” check out Skylanders’ musical stylings in the videos below!

Invite your kids (or you) to click on each character below for fun musicals.

For more, visit your local retailer where you can find your Skylanders Valentines cards and character!

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