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3 ways to get your desk organized today!

This is a promotional post for Staples

Spring is here and how is the condition of your desk? If someone were to make a surprise visit, would you be embarrassed to show off your office space? It is funny that we tend to allow our workspace to accumulate so much junk, yet it is the one place we spend time getting work done. I am a neat freak-I will put my youngest to bed and go around and straighten up just so I can sit and relax in a clean home before I head to bed. As organized as I am, I call my workspace my place of organized chaos. The problem is my desk is in our family room! I will slave over clean floors, dusted entertainment center, clean windows and the then there is my corner! I was sent some spring cleaning items from Staples to help me with my chaotic blogging desk mess!

I am willing to let go of my pride a bit and invite you in. Below is a picture I just snapped of my workspace before using some desk organizing products. You can see that my little corner really takes over the look of my clean family room.
3 ways to get your desk organized today!
  1. Gather all loose papers. Make a trash (recycle), shred, To-Do, To file pile and get those loose papers where they belong and accomplish the to-do pile so those can go away. Staples binders and tabs are a great way to create a binder system for all future loose papers to come.
  2. Make a product box. I always have a box I keep around the corner in the hall closet that contains all my office non-paper items I don’t need everyday. I have seasonal decor I can bring out for display. Products I need to review still, etc… Staples offers file bins and desk accessories that you can keep handy when you need a binder clip or envelopes for shipping and mailing to have on hand in your box and out of sight.
  3. Clean your space! Do a thorough wipe down. Staples has wipes, screen cleaners and all-purpose spray cleaners so your space can shine!
I was inspired enough writing this that this is exactly how I organized my space and it took me under an hour. I had DMV tabs to order, so I ordered to be able and shred that mail. I had coupons to gather so I gathered and got them in my purse. As you make piles, then omit, already your space feels less cluttered. The wipe down is my favorite part. I have a sanitized and clean space that smells fresh.

Here is the finished product!

With Staples, you can grab your supplies you need replenished as well as items to clean and organize your space. Do yourself a huge favor and give yourself a work space you can feel proud of and feel inspired around. 
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Can your office space use a good deep clean?

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