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3 Ways To Break Your Dog’s Bad Habits

3 Ways To Break Your Dog's Bad Habits

Adopting a dog is one of the most heartwarming experiences imaginable. After all, the critters are man’s best friend for a reason. However, this period of time won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Your new pet will likely cause inconveniences and require training. This process can be streamlined through efficient techniques that serve to end any harmful behavior. If you’re unsure as to what techniques can be used, here are three ways to break your dog’s bad habits.

1. Desensitize Your Pet

Dogs get overexcited very easily, which often results in bad behavior. This extreme movement is less a sign of happiness than a way to work off energy. For instance, a puppy may get overly jumpy when you walk near a leash, even if you don’t plan on using it. Behavior like this can turn into a bad habit (such as aggression) if not confronted. One of the best ways to prevent overexcited behavior is to desensitize your pet. It may be annoying for awhile, but try to consistently perform the action that triggers your friend. When the frenzy begins, simply ignore it and leave the room. If you do this regularly, your dog will hopefully begin to calm down and react normally.

2. Give Positive and Negative Reinforcement

You’re probably used to seeing dog trainers that encourage only punishment for wrongdoings. However, this isn’t the best method for many dog owners. It’s difficult to punish your pet, especially when the little one doesn’t know any better. It’s also not helpful to allow bad behavior. This is why both positive and negative reinforcement can be done during training. Pay attention to your friend and watch for good behavior. When it occurs, be sure to praise and reward your dog, possibly through the use of a clicker. This will strengthen your bond and reinforce the actions you want. If your pet does something wrong after correct behaviors have been established, then negative reinforcement may be used. Luckily, this doesn’t mean hurting your friend. There are products like the BarxBuddy remote, which creates annoying sounds that humans can’t hear, that are made to avoid harsh punishments.

3. Provide Toys and Exercise

Just like small children, dogs are prone to bursts of energy. This can sometimes result in chewed up furniture or destroyed kitchen counters. Instead of yelling at your pet when this occurs, provide an outlet for the aggression. Make sure you or someone else is able to take your dog on multiple walks daily. Bring your pup to a park where more freedom can be given. When your furry friend needs to be in the house, be sure there are toys that can be manhandled. If your dog is aggressive, look for ones that can interact with the player and provide a substantial opponent.

Dogs are amazing creatures that provide unconditional love and friendship. Taking one in can change your life for the better. While there may be hurdles to jump over, the right techniques can create a well-behaved pup in no time. Stay committed to this friendship and enjoy having a lovable furry friend.

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