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3 Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home

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Entertaining is stressful enough before throwing kids into the mix. The stress can be a good stress if you are organized and love to have friends and family over. We bought a new home this year and I finally have space to host my entire family, but have not volunteered quite yet for this year’s Holidays. For starter, I have never cooked a turkey! I would like to practice a few times first. Second, I am still making some changes to the new home.

One of the firs changes we made was lighting. The builders had real low-light LED bulbs all over the house and we took every one of them and changed for 5K LED so now our entire home is white and bright. Lighting truly plays with your mood and we love the brightness. Here are your 3 tips for holiday entertaining at home.

3 Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home

Being able to entertaining successfully for the Holidays means starting now to make some changes. Waiting until the week of events to start planning is too late and will only bring unnecessary stress to you and your family.


As I mentioned above, we changed all the low (yellow-hue) LED lightbulbs for bright 5K in the ceiling lights bathrooms and lamps. What a difference? We found many great bulbs just on Amazon and had our lights changed over 3 days later. In my bathroom I used SANSI 150 Watt Equivalent LED Light Bulbs, A21 LED Bulbs, 2000 Lumens, 5000K Daylight bulbs. Look how great it looks. Not only does the lighting set the mood, but bright LED lighting makes photos much more appealing. I actually took a photo of my bathroom before and after changing the lighting. What a difference!


Now is the time to purge that holiday decor. Before moving into our new home I had a huge yard sale. I got rid of so much ‘old’ to make room for new. I remember sifting through my Holiday decor as I packed it up. I had garland so mangled it was not worth keeping. Ornaments with chipped paint and porch decor with folds and tears. Have you gone through your holiday decor like that? Now is the time to pitch or donate the older decor and replace with newer, fresh items to greet your guests at the door and porch.

Create a Holiday Entertaining board

I love searching Pinterest for unique decorating ideas as well as recipes and game ideas. As you browse ideas and recipes, keep a separate board so you can easily pull those articles back up when it is time to decorate and bake. After the party delete the pins that you maybe realize you won’t ever duplicate or were able to use so that next year you will still have access to the ones you needed again.

Freshening a space and having your ingredients and planning done early saves a lot of time and makes for a more pleasant day or evening with loved ones. Visit Sansi.

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