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3 Reasons Why You Need a WiFi Camera This Summer

3 Reasons Why You Need a WiFi Camera This Summer

I have 2 WiFi cameras in my home and my youngest is 11 this month. I use cameras for some unique reasons and they are great beyond home security and baby sleeping. These are a great pair of second eyes for kids of all ages!

I am using the ALC SightHD Indoor Panoramic 720p HD Wi-fi Camera. This gives me a panoramic view of any room and I use this one in the game room because of this panoramic feature and I’ll explain why in a bit.

There are features you want to look for in a WiFi Camera. The main features is quality of the image, view points and 2-way talk features that are clear. The bonus features that are great to have is a clear night vision, recording option and motion and pan modes. This camera has all of that an more!

Night Vision View with features displayed on phone

Why do you need a WiFi Camera?

Kids Game Room. When you put a WiFi camera in the kids space where they are using electronics or getting on computers you can keep extra watch on their behavior and what they are watching. With the panoramic view I can see him anywhere in the room and get the TV in the same view. I can see what he is watching and because at 11 he mainly watches YouTube videos I can hear it too. I can peek and listen that it is an approved video. When gaming I can hear him raging or hear his online friends too and know when I need to shut it down because of his behavior when playing. After taking this shot below, I hit my 2-way and reminded him to back up to the couch because he is too close to the large TV!

Backyard Watch. We have the Ring and the doorbell and floodlight are out front, so I don’t get eyes in my backyard. It is fenced, but connected to multiple fence neighbors. With extra eyes looking down at my yard (yes, I have told my neighbors that is a camera in my upstairs window and have shown them it is pointed all the way down and only gets my yard). This is where the pool and sprinklers are in the summer and where the dogs spend more time when it is hot. With a WiFi camera I know if the dogs are digging and barking back there and with a lot of kids in the neighborhood, I have extra eyes if they are in our yard near the water to make sure they are safe.

Sick Days. At 11, my son is beyond a baby monitor over his bed. In fact, he may be a bit creeped out if I decided to place one there-lol. However, there was a time when we had no A/C in our home and upstairs would get real hot. On days where he is not feeling 100% and heat has drug him down I would plug the camera in facing his clock that reads a temperature. It was my way at night to know how hot his room is and I can check on him from downstairs when it gets too hot or reposition fans. Bonus, if your camera reads a temperature and reports that to you.

If you are interested in the ALC SightHD Indoor Panoramic 720p HD Wi-fi Camera we use in our home, you can find more features and information on Amazon or Walmart.com.

This makes a great gift for Dad!

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