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3 Ideas To Help Your Kid Use Smartphone

In A Secure Environment!

Cell phones are the need of the age and you cannot restrict your kids from using those. They will start with your mobile initially and then demand one for themselves. Now, even if you try hard, you won’t be able to avoid their requests and the screams. So, the better idea is to buy a cell phone for them that they can use in a secure environment. To do that, use the three ideas given below:

1. Have Your Kids’ consent on Monitoring:

You cannot let go of your kids unsupervised. And kids don’t like their parents to monitor them. This is harsh yet a reality. So, the first thing you should do is having a friendly talk with your kid. You can start by saying something like, “Okay if you want to have a cell phone for yourself, I can buy you one but remember, there are predators outside who can approach you through your device. For me, nothing comes before your safety not even your wish. For this, I have a solution. I will be monitoring your device use so nobody harms you and you can enjoy your cell phone in a safe environment.” If they agree, get them a cell phone.

2. Check Specifications of the phone:

Before you buy your kid a smartphone, check its specifications and see what functionalities does it offer. Map all your requirements with the specifications and pick the option that fits well with the requirements. Today, Android smartphones are on the boom. You can select any Android device depending upon your budget.

3. Install monitoring software:

After you buy your kid a smartphone, install any good smartphone monitoring software on your kids’ phone so you can monitor what they do. One good option in this regard is FamilyTime Mobile Monitoring. It is a complete parental solution that empowers parents to keep a check on their kid’s device.

With FamilyTime, parents can monitor their child’s contacts, call logs, browsing history, bookmarks, and favorites, installed apps, location history and much more. In addition to monitoring, parents can also Watchlist suspicious contacts, Geo-fence places to receive automated check-in and checkout alerts, blacklist unwanted apps, lock phone at any given time to restrict access. And this is not all software offers the facility of PickMeUp and panic alerts that enhances your connectivity in no time. The best part is that the app is available for Android, iOS, and Kindle devices, No matter which smartphone, you buy for your kids, you can  use this software. To give this app a try for free, download it today from your phone’s store or in a jiffy!


Your Kids’ safety is your priority! The best parenting practice involves mutual consent. So even if you buy your kid a smartphone at an early age, you can keep your control over it anytime from your device using any advanced smartphone monitoring software such as FamilyTime. This will have you ensure their safety in the digital world.

*This post written for Parenting Healthy

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