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3 hair treatment steps to minimize frizz and VO5 GIveaway

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What kind of hair do you have? My hair is thin and very fine. I had virgin hair up until about a month ago when I noticed grey already so I had a partial done with highlights. I have friends with curls I would die for and other friends who have colored and treated their hair for as long as I can remember. No matter what style hair others or you may have, there is one thing in common-we all experience frizz. In fact the actual statistic is 80% of women experience hair frizz. Finding hair treatments that we can afford is not only difficult but confusing as well. You stand in the hair care aisles at the store and rely only on what the label tells you. That’s no way to manage your hair. Have you asked around to see what works for others? I can tell you 3 steps you can start doing today with a brand that offers affordable products.

The best way to start to find a regimen that works for you is to understand the science of frizz in relation to your hair. Summer would be the months you experience frizz the most. It is the moisture in the airs humidity that infiltrates the cuticles on the head causing hair to go a tad crazy and frizz. Knowing this, Alberto VO5 has products that are all under $5 and work together using that science to control your hair from scalp to ends. It works for me and I am hoping you’ll find it works for you too.

With my own hair, I took some before and after photos from using this system for about 2 weeks. In both photos my hair was washed on that morning and had been dry all day when I took the photos at night. There is noticeable difference at the end of my days using the Alberto VO5 products like this. Pick these up the next time you are at a retailer and try for yourself and you’ll notice a difference.

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The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win all of these Alberto VO5 products so you can start to have more manageable hair. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 9/16. Good luck!

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