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3 Children’s Books with a Message of Love on Each Page

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Children Books
In this newest children’s book series review I cannot think of where to start to feature all that these three books have to offer so let me break it down a bit! Princess Cupcake Jones is a motivational book series that feature Princess Cupcake Jones as a role model for girls and boys with valuable life lessons.
The Books
  1. Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu: Princess learns the importance of staying organized and putting things in their place
  2. Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go To School: Join Princess as she faces her fears about starting school
  3. Princess Cupcake Jones and the Queen’s Closet: Join Princess as she explores her imagination and learns some family values along the way
Princess Cupcake Jones is an award-winning series written by Ylleye Fields. The series has won a Gelett Burgess Award, a Mom’s Choice Award, and a Family Choice Award to name a few. The series also brings the unfamiliar African-American book Princess and role model and the Author created Princess after her 2 eldest daughters. 

Every Princess Cupckae Jones book has a hidden word “LOVE” on each illustrated page. My son had a blast trying to locate the word on each page. It is simply a way to remind the children what really matters most and interact with the books.

Can you find the word LOVE in some of the pages below from each book?

From a role model to life lessons and award winning to interactive pages, this book series has even gained the attention of well-known celebrities who have read these books to their own children. 

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