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3 benefits to being a Bing Rewards member

This is a promotional post for Bing Rewards through Mom’s Affiliate

Chances are you have bought something-anything over the internet, right? I have a house of boys, I am a PTA Co-president and sports Mom! I am constantly looking for the best deals and researching products and prices before I buy. I scan social media to find other posting about others great deals so I can score too! It is time worthwhile because a penny saved is a penny earned. In the end, the best deals tend to be the one’s that are offered online. My favorite deals of all time are the free shipping because it is the shipping cost that will be my deciding factor on whether to order online or just head down to the store and not pay for the shipment. When I see a free shipping deal or free ship-to-store offers I tend to online shop at these sites. Because I spend time visiting sites and searching, I now can earn rewards for my searches. That sweetens the money saving hunt in some big ways. Bing Rewards does just that! I can get credits by just doing my internet searches through Bing! It is so simple and there are a few benefits as well.

3 benefits to being a Bing Rewards member
  1. Earn Rewards to shop: When you search as usual through the Bing platform or enter trivia questions and other offered tasks, you earn credits that are redeemable for gift cards or services galore! It doesn’t take much to earn a decent reward total by doing what you do online anyways-searching!
  2. Win Prizes: You can redeem your credits for sweepstake entries. You can win anything from an Xbox One to gift cards!
  3. Give to Charity: You can donate your search credits to charities and even help your local school earn a free Surface tablet for the classrooms.
Sweepstakes for April-May 2015
  • Custom Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One console
  • Surface Pro: 3
  • $500 Gamestop Gift Card
  • 100 Airline/Hotel points
  • many gift cards & other prizes
Becoming a Bing Rewards member is so simple. Just head to the Bing Rewards Join Now page and enter your email and password to connect. Getting a Microsoft account is easy and you can choose to start one so you can be logged in to Bing Rewards as you search the internet and earn your credits. Just remember to stay logged in as you search and behind the scenes, you will be rewarded!

What rewards will you start earning as a Bing Rewards member?

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