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3 BBC Home Entertainment series released in 3D for home viewing

This is a promotional post for BBC Home Entertainment. Opinions are my own

New BBC Home Entertainment Releases
Planet Dinosaur in 3D
Wings in 3D
Tiny Giants in 3D
Several years ago we bought a 3D enabled Smart TV and some quality 3D glasses with every intention to watch movies in 3D and then discovered how hard 3D videos can be to come by. My son is almost 7 and just recently became comfortable with 3D movies as they always terrified him. Now that he loves 3D and we have these capabilities, I can now bring a bit of education to him through these new 3D Blu-Ray releases from BBC Home Entertainment.
About the 3D Blu-Ray New Releases

Planet Dinosaur 3D: Narrated byJohn Hurt (Doctor Who, the Harry Potter films)
Discover and learn as you step back in time through hundreds of millions of years and to see secrets reveled through research about these creatures. 

Wings in 3D: Narrated by David Tennant (Doctor WhoBroadchurch)
Visit the world’s most iconic landscapes through the lenses and eyes of various aerial devices and capture these spectacular birds unlike you have ever seen.

Tiny Giants in 3D: Narrated by Stephen Fry (The Hobbitfilms, 24: Live Another Day)
These tiny creatures have never stood out so grand when the 3D cameras get up close and personal with them.

My son was enamored by the Planet Dinosaurs and I have never seen a film in my own living room this spectacular. These make for amazing family movie nights! Grab some 3D glasses and order your favorite or all 3 and surprise the family with a night they won’t forget. The perk is they learn a lot too!

Find these and more information at BBC Home Entertainment

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