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3 Back to School Items You’ll Want to Personalize

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There is nothing more fun as a child than to see your name on print or products. We like to go into the city and my son gravitates to the spinners of stickers and room signs with names. He will search to find his name and always come show me with pride when his name is on product. When your child is school-aged we are passed the dangers of labeling names on items we display publicly with us. Beyond that there are too many times we need to label items. He is to have his name on his ball for soccer and in his backpack for school. On field trips I have to label lunches and coats as they may be handed off to parents or volunteers.



I See Me! has products you can personalize from books to lunch boxes. With back to school coming there are some items you want to make sure to label. I See Me! has a back to school page with some fun books and gifts the kids will love to find their names on. In browsing the rest of the site, I came up with 3 products you will want to personalize from I See Me! Most can come in time for the first day of school.

  1. Lunch Boxes: the names need to be on lunch boxes. It easier for your child to sift through classmates pile and spot theirs. It is also safer for children with food allergies. You may not worry about names on lunches too much, but if you have a child with sever allergies you do. You don’t want to chance that, away from your care, your child comes in contact with someone else’s food. I created a personalized lunch box for my young nephew. We chose the Kick, Score, Run lunch box. There are currently 11 styles to choose from. Find a lunchbox to personalize this school year.
  2. Stickers: with over 20 styles, I See Me! can personalize stickers making labeling birthday goodie bags, Valentines day cards and supplies so easy. No more writing their name a hundred times with a sharpie. Just place a fun sticker on each Valentine under From: or on their pencil box. So quick and easy.
  3. Books: why is a personalized book a back to school must have? Because they will hit a milestone this school year and you can be prepared with an educational reward complete with their name. I See Me! has so many fun stories from books, book sets and coloring books. If you have one in pre-K they will pick up a book this year and be able to read a page to you and that’s a celebration. If you have a third grader, they will come home and show you how they can solve a multiplication table and that’s a celebration. From losing the first tooth, completing a first essay or earning top behavior chart status you will want to have a special gift for them.


Browse books, lunch boxes, stickers and more today at I See Me! and see how easy it is to personalize.

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Elizabeth O.

That’s really great, thanks for the list. I need to personalize everything because I have twins and they want everything labeled so they won’t get confused with who owns what. I think this list is useful!

Krystal Miller

Those look really fun! My kids love to have personalized items. I particularly like the lunchbox.


My mom also personalized these for us all our childhood. Mostly because we were 5 and we kept losing everything. 🙂 Then we could find it in the lost & found. There was no doubt when it was ours thanks to our name being on everything: books, backpacks, lunchboxes,…!

Nikki Wayne

A personalized lunch box can be so cool! I’ll wait till my son go to school.


Check on the lunch boxes, books and stickers. Lunch box is very important to my son who loves to be suprised with the content of his lunch box.


I like that there is a chalkboard inside of that lunch box. It’s fun to leave the kids notes each day. 🙂