Honeywell Turbo on the Go! portable folding fan


How has your summer weather been. For most of us it has been some long hot days in need of fans and AC. That is OK if you have AC where you live rather than struggling for a breeze. We have 2 portable AC units in our home that keeps our main living area and bedroom rather cold. The problem with our hot streak last week was my son was in soccer camp for 3 hours and it was scorching. No outdoor AC at soccer camp, but I did have a powerful fan for him he could use. The Honeywell Turbo on the Go! portable folding fan can go anywhere with you and it pushed out a serious cold breeze.


The easy fold, hang handle makes it easy to travel with since it can fold down. It folds flat for traveling and is also designed to hang up for hands-free use such as in your camping tent or from a beach umbrella, stroller or anywhere you need. The handle is adjustable. It operates on USB or battery. The USB cord is included and it does fully assembled.

The fan pushes air for up to 3 feet and operates on a lower energy DC motor. You can find your Honeywell Turbo on the Go! portable folding fan at Target and Best Buy stores and visit Honeywell.com

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