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Capresso On The Go Coffee Maker.


In a few weeks we are taking the middle son to University across state. We are first time college parents so we have been learning a lot from admissions to financial aid to stocking a small dorm room not much bigger than his bedroom for full living. Versatile products are a must and because he loves teas and coffee he will need access to hot water. We are sending him with a Capresso On The Go Coffee Maker.


The Capresso comes with a tumbler to brew right into and take with him across campus. There is a basket to fill with coffee grounds and if he leaves that basket out he also will get plain hot water into his cup. It is almost all they need for a variety of quick meals.


Their new, independent life will be such an experience. Their lives will be filled with late nights and noodle soups. They are now away from our home cooked meals. Given that I have also packed him with teas for all moods and illnesses. The Capresso is like instant hot water for beverages and foods. Hot teas and some foods can support those young, stressed bodies. It helps me feel like I can still be there in ‘tea spirit’ to support his health and well being.

Find your student a Capresso On The Go Coffee Maker and save space with it’s slim size to result in instant meals and beverages. Don’t forget the tea and coffee too.

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