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2020 Fitness Trend: Skipping the Gym for Home Workouts

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For me it is time. What is your excuse for not going to the gym? There are years I start off great, but life happens and before I know it I haven’t been back to the gym in 2 years. However, this doesn’t mean I cannot exercise. The 2020 fitness trend shows that we are in an era of apps and streaming resources that not only do we not need to drive to a gym, we are guided through a workout (virtually).

No more excuses, time or lack of knowing how to use the equipment at the gym can’t hold us back anymore. The old fitness trends may be fading into at-home workouts because we now have the right tools and education.

Starting is as simple of setting goals! Small goals are best and once you know what those are then creating a plan is as easy as picking a time of day to give yourself 20-30 minutes. You don’t even need EVERY day, at least 3-5 days a week is a great start.

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

For me, if I don’t do stretches or workouts in the morning then my day starts and I never seem to find the time again. You will need to research a few fitness apps. Some are free and some have a small charge that is still cheaper than a gym membership. I find that apps that offer 14 days or 30 days programs work better for me because if my workout is in secession then I will stick with it. I also found this article, The 5 Best At-Home Workout Plans.

Some of my favorite apps that are good free or very inexpensive upgrades to them are Lose Weight in 30 Days (a free 30 day workout and diet plan), Six Pack in 30 Days, Aaptiv, Gixo, Dumbells. Also look through the exercises that are free and at what point you have to pay. Make sure they are routines you have equipment to follow along with.

I love that we have these app and digital options in 2020. The new fitness trends make it impossible for us to have excuses not to move or take time for ourselves.

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