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New Year Planner from Tools4Wisdom

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New Year Planner from Tools4Wisdom

New Year Planner from Tools4Wisdom

Nothing says goodbye to another year better than seeing your new yearly planner arrive in the mail. This will be my 3rd year of keeping this blog organized with a Tools4Wisdom planner. I am a paper person so keeping organized on the computer is not something I think I will ever get used to along with the fear a glitch could erase it all. This is why I still use a planner and it becomes my work bible all year long.

day list planner

My Tools4Wisdom planners never warp, rip or fail on me. I have loaded papers, scribbled, crammed, traveled and had things spill on my planners and they are strong and always still functional for me. Last year I had thin, plastic cover planner and this year I went with the newer hardcover. They are available on their website and there are specials often, but you can pick one up on Amazon and have it delivered quickly as a Prime member. I ordered mine on my Amazon Prime account and it arrived to my door the next evening-that was better than 2-day shipping.

days planner

The planner openes up to a few pages about goals and some motivational tasks for you. each month thereafter includes a goal page, large-square calendar, daily notes pages and a re-cap and review of goals.

planner goals

Visit Tools4Wisom or order on Amazon-there are several cover choices to choose from.

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Powerhandz Performance Enhanced Sports Gloves

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Powerhandz Sports Gloves

My son’s basketball season is about to begin and he will start his same team for the third year. We have a great coach and request him every year. Now that he has his same coach and these new Powerhandz basketball training game gloves, I can’t wait to see him grow another year in this sport.

sports gloves grip

The glove is anti-grip so that the ball slides off the glove. The weights throughout the glove offer hand strength building. Together this creates excellent ball handling training. In youth players (my son being 3rd grade), they have speed, they have determination but they still lack handling and shooting. Some players are the aggressive type and others, like my son, are less aggressive but great on defense.

These gloves will help him a lot in passing skills while he gains a bit more hand and arm strength at practice.

sports gloves weighted

The video below does a great job showing you the gloves in training….

He was so excited when these came and the first thing I did was show him this video above. Then we went outside to the neighborhood hoop and did some drills.

practice with sports gloves

sports gloves practice

Find Powerhandz and other training products for all sports and ages for your holiday shopping needs.

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Christmas Shop with Stamp Out Personalized Gifts

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Stamped Out Christmas Shop

Although the majority of shopping I do is for others over the holidays, I like to spoil myself with fun deals for around the home. I just bought a new desk and it is always a fight to keep the kids or guests from putting sweaty cups on the desk to place. I needed coasters, but I am picky about decor so needed ones that will blend. So, I found some great coasters at the StampOut Christmas shop online. Personalizing your home decor makes a simple piece a keepsake for years to come. StampOut personalizes items for you to enjoy in your home from apparel, wedding and baby gifts, holiday items, school supplies and stamps.

  Christmas shop home

This is the Bamboo Coaster Set ‘Home Sayings’. There are 6 coasters with inspirational quotes that stack neatly in a holder for display when not in use.

Christmas shop coasters

I also started making my own cards and gift tags. A friend of mine have had a lot of fun getting together to make cards and tags and have been collecting stickers, stamps and card stock to do our crafts. Cards are expensive and we save so much money making out own. So, I was able to get a few fun stamps that will get used a lot for such craft at StampOut.

Christmas shop stamps

These stamps above include a self-ink address stamp and some Gift Tag stamps that I am so excited to use this season.

Christmas shop gifts

There are many holiday gift choices like these at StampOut. See the entire holiday collection. Don’t these make fun decor for the home and gifts for those on your gift list? Make sure you visit StampOut for any upcoming events to find decor like this.