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My Delicious Black Bean Quesadillas from Goya Foods

My Delicious Black Bean Quesadillas from Goya Foods

I recently received a Cookbook from Goya Foods and the recipes inside look so easy and delicious. I decided to try the Black Bean Quesadilla Recipe and the boys loved it! It took about 5 minutes and I use Goya products where possible. This recipe as well as others can be found on Goyas My Plate Recipe webpage. You can download the recipe book for free! Goya makes cooking easy and healthy with their gigantic food line found in most grocery stores. I found my Goya products at Safeway in the ethnic foods aisle near the Taco supplies.

Here was the Goya Foods recipe…so easy!

I laid out my strainer on my sink and poured 1 can of Goya Pico de Gallo and 1 can of Goya Black Beans. Had accessible some Tortillas, cheese, salsa and sour cream and a dish of Canola oil I heated my electric griddle and spooned the Pico and bean mixture on half of the tortilla, added cheese, folded, brushed with oil and grilled both sides till crisp. Cut into thirds and topped with Salsa/sour cream. Voila! So easy and full of vegetables and protein.

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Wellness Wednesday: Gather The Kids & Get Gardening

Wellness Wednesday: Gather The Kids & Get Gardening

If you are a Gardener or if you spend much time maintaining your yard at the start if spring, you know that it can be exhausting and your body feels it the next day! That is because while you are working away, you are giving your body a total workout. So why not gather the kids and get gardening?  Let them dig and learn while sneaking in some exercise.

  • Let the younger kids toil and stir up that soil with little shovels. Heck! Hand them spoons and watch them go to town on that dirt!
  • Let them choose the seedlings. Just as it is in the kitchen,  if they make it themselves then they are more likely to eat it!
  • Let them place the seeds. Let then place in a pattern of their own or place of their own.
  • Let them water. Get them their own water cans and assign watering days to each child. Take that time to watch the growth progress with them.
  • Let them tend the area. On their watering night, add the task of checking for bugs or weeds and alert you.
  • Finally,  let them taste their crop! Plan a salad night and show them about washing and storing each fruit or veggie.

A garden from the kids…and you got them off the couch!

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Wellness Wednesday: Surprising Foods To Avoid

I recently read an article about some foods to avoid I thought were healthy and aren’t. I wanted to know why so I searched and here are a few common foods I found that may surprise you!

Wellness Wednesday: Surprising Foods To Avoid

Rice Cakes

OMG…I know! Most rice cakes are actually found to have a high GI (glycemic index) which means it raises your bloid sugars dramatically. Now we know that some foods with high GI levels contain good stuff like fiber and vitamins, but rice cakes do not offer us that!

Fat Free Dressing

WHOA NOW!! Fat free dressings lack the health benefits found in vinegar and olive oil. When the fat (oils) are removed, taste is compensated with large amounts of corns syrup, sugar and other additives that are unnatural.

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JUST KIDDING! Surprisingly, I learned that when you consume cheeses in moderation you are still ok with the fat and calorie limits and you highly benefit from the high Calcium nutrition. Not to mention some cancer-fighting qualities that cheese has been found to have.

PHEW!! If I were to be told I should never eat cheese again, I’d just curl up and die! Doesn’t that cheese and sausage package below look delicious? Did I mention I love cheese!

And the rice cakes don’t bother me. I’ve never truly enjoyed eating cardboard anyway unless it is caramel or chocolate flavored and then where is any nutritional value in that anyway?!