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20 Ways to Get Outside This Summer

Summer is often the longed-for part of the year with seemingly endless promises of fun and memories. When it finally rolls around, some kids and parents find themselves lounging around the house trying to figure out how to pass the hours. There are many different summer outdoor activities for individuals and families to enjoy, be they directly outside the home or in another part of the U.S.
When your kids complain about having nothing to do, try telling them to plant a vegetable garden in your backyard. Other backyard ideas including building a treehouse, playing dodgeball with water balloons, setting up a hammock, or even camping in tents.
If you want to drive away from home for a while, you and your family can try visiting some national parks on a road trip or venturing out to local flea markets, farmer’s markets, and street festivals. There are numerous experiences to encounter—all you have to do is step outside the door. Check out the infographic below for Trex’s 20 great ideas to get outside this summer.
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