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2 Toddler Toys that Encourage Independent Playtime

2 Toddler Toys that Encourage Independent Playtime

As babies grow from infant to toddler we sometimes marvel at their ability to be more independent at play giving you some of that time to get other things done in a day. Although we will always find that fun floor time with them it is quite nice when they find that ability to self-entertain and having the right toys makes all the difference. These 2 toys are great for that quiet, independent playtime we need them to have.

Stick-O City

These magnetic building toys may be just as addicting to tinker with for Mom and Dad as they are for your toddler! These toys encourage tactile learning through hands-on play. Each Stick-O shape contains magnets that rotate so toddlers creations are endless. Stick-O’s unique 3D shapes contain a magnet pocket, designed so the magnet can find the right magnetic direction to stick to every time. Be at ease knowing they are made with safe materials too. Build a car, racer, airplane and more with the Stick-O City 16Pc Set from Magformers.

DOLCE Primo Kangaroo

DOLCE – Develop, Observe, Learn, Create, Educate. Through sensory play this kangaroo has many features keeping your child engaged in play. This adorable Kangaroo has ribbon ties, crinkle ears, removable baby Joey with shaker egg, a peek-a-boo door on the foot and soft textured fabrics throughout. The independent fun is endless and he is easy enough to travel with. He is available through HSN and ready to order for the Holidays!

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Molli Taylor

wow! these are going on my list for my niece for sure!

Dana Rodriguez

These are so cute. I really like the DOLCE Primo Kangaroo