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Room Decor Ideas For Any Living Space

I am featuring Eclipse Lorcan Window Panels in my story.

Room Decor Ideas To Refresh The Look

As we get ready to move this summer it has motivated me to start thinking about the room decor I want in my new home. Some items I own will follow and some I will get rid of in a yard sale or donate. I really have an idea of the fresh style I want in our home after we move. One item that will not go is the old, dusty red curtains we have.

old curtains

My office space is where I spend a lot of time and I love natural light but at sunset that light can be blinding. I finally decided to update my drapes because the old ones were of little help. They let a lot of light through which is sometimes a bad thing while trying to photograph products in a certain way. There are times I actually need it dark. So my Eclipse black out curtains are doing the the trick for me now.

standard curtains

new blackout

Room Decor Ideas To Refresh The Look

My go-to room decor ideas when I want to change up the look of a space is curtains and pillows. Our son is almost 9 and last year I redid his room for less of a little boy to a bigger boy room. I just turned his bed a different angle, got rid of a lot of toys, changed his bedding and curtains. It made a huge difference and took me one afternoon and no painting.

I am picky on my pillows so I won’t talk about how I decide on them or how long it takes me to make a decision on the right pillows. It is painful but when I find the right ones I always admire the new look of the couch or bed spaces.

Curtains are easier. If I want the option of a dark space in daylight for photos, videos or even when my son was young and taking naps I have my Eclipse curtains. I just saw an entire end cap at my local Target yesterday of Eclipse brand black out panels so I know they carry them there as well as Walmart.

Black out curtains

The ones I swapped in my family room are the Eclipse Lorcan Panels. I switched from a red curtains to dark grey. I have not found the right couch pillows yet-like I said that’s where I am too picky. But I imagine a chevron or lattice design in maybe a cream and navy or even light yellow.

Eclipse curtains

The Lorcan panels became a new favorite for me because I love finding green and upcycled products. These panels are a cationic textured triple woven fabric constructed of yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. I love the feel and there is no doubt they will keep there shape for a long time to come.

What small room decor changes do you make to freshen small spaces?

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