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2 Products That Will Keep Your Home and Car Clean

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2 Products That Will Keep Your Home and Car Clean
Stock photo from TidyHook

Just as when I clean certain areas of my home, when I clean my car it only lasts as long as it takes for my son to get into it. The main mess hassle? Trash! I am betting I am not alone. So, I partnered with TidyHook for Home and Auto when I saw that they had a solution to help keep your home and car clean.

It is very simple. You order either the TidyHook Home or TidyHook Auto (or both) and then you get a hook designed to hold a bag in a way that makes disposing trash handy and easy.

TidyHook Auto

TidyHook Auto hooks on your headrest for side-of-the-seat placement. This makes throwing trash away easy from the front seat and back seat. My husband and I are neat freaks with our cars, so I amaze myself I have not installed a trash solution all of this time. Now my son has no problem using the TidyHook. It actually saves space for him by having somewhere for his trash to go from the back seat.

TidyHook Home

TidyHook is so versatile in more than to just keep your home and car clean. Take TidyHook Home camping for outdoors and up and away from ground critter and the RV for those nightly bonfire gatherings. Hang it on the backyard so the kids can throw away their snack or popsicle sticks and it keeps them from running in and out of the house – or just tossing trash on the ground.

TidyHook is so affordable at $7.95 for Auto and $5.95 for Home. Also, they ship for free!! Stock up! What’s your excuse? We all need TidyHook in our daily lives to keep your home and car clean. Visit TidyHook to order now.

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