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2 New Inspiring Books for Tweens

Education and Growth Mindset. These 2 new release books are fantastic for tweens and I highly recommend you add them to your Holiday gift list. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 inspiring books for tweens.

Survivors of the Holocaust – by Kath Shackleton

holocaust book

If we held a moment of silence for every victim of the Holocaust we would be silent for 11 1/2 years according to one statistic. If you needed to get the point across to a tween about the impact of this tragic historical event that statistic would help put the effects into perspective. There is an even better way to explain the events of Holocaust and that is real stories from real survivors.

From suffering the horrors of Auschwitz, to hiding from Nazi soldiers in war-torn Paris, to sheltering from the Blitz in England, each true story is a powerful testament to the survivors’ courage. These six remarkable testimonials serve as a reminder never to allow such a tragedy to happen again. (non-fiction). Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You Are Awesome – by Matthew Syed

growth mindset book

“Lots of anxieties and worries can hold us back. So let’s take a look and see how we can overcome them. Because it’s good to be READY. PREPPED. CONFIDENT. ON FIRE!”

Times journalist, two-time Olympian, and bestselling author Matthew Syed demonstrates how grit, resilience, and a positive mindset can help in every aspect of your life―from school to friendships to sports to hobbies. Using examples of role models from Serena Williams to Mozart, You Are Awesome shows how success is earned rather than given, and that talent can be acquired through practice and a positive attitude. (Hardcover) Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Stay up to date on new releases for books like these at Sourcebooks.com.

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