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2 New Boys Town Press Books about Managing Stress and Apologizing

2 New Boys Town Press Books about Managing Stress and Apologizing

Today is the release day for, Get Off My Lawn by Michael Garland. In this brilliant story, these children learn both the importance of ‘asking permission’ and the value of ‘making an apology’. In the second featured book from Boys Town Press collection, Opal Octopus is Overwhelmed by Ashley Bartley, Opal learns to manage her stress and overwhelmed emotions by learning that it is OK to say no to some tasks and slow down a bit.

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Get Off My Lawn book

In Get Off My Lawn, Mr Smith takes a lot of pride in his yard, so when the neighbor kids were seen playing and damaging his yard, he was not so happy. He runs out in panic and disappointment yelling at the kids. These kids were so insulted they were yelled at until Mom makes them realize that where they went wrong. Together, they find a way to repair the damage and apologize. Buy on Amazon!

Opal Octopus Overwhwlmed

I Opal Octopus is Overwhelmed, Opal is full of energy and loves to take on new activities and is always counted on by friends to help wherever and whenever. Eventually, her schedule gets busier and busier and she begins losing sleep and feeling overwhelmed with so much happening in her life. Opal learns that she can give more of herself by doing less, saying No and choosing her most important or favorite activities only to lessen her load (yes, this can help us out too as adults, lol). Buy on Amazon.

Boys Town Press produces high quality, proven resources for educators, counselors, parents, and other youth-serving professionals. Visit the Boys Town Press books list.

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