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2 Great Gift Ideas for the family Dog #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

Tis the season…to not forget to include the family dog. Do you lave a stocking for your pets? I make my grand puppy one and fill it with nothing but the best for him. Isle of Dogs has grooming and treats made with the best of ingredients.

Isle of Dogs gifts

CoCoClean is the Isle of Dogs newest line of shampoos, conditioners and brush sprays. Not only do they smell fantastic, they are made with the purest of ingredients. You will not find any sulfates, soap, parabens or other harsh chemicals in these formulas. These are infused with the beneficial coconut oil and can even be used on dogs with sensitive skin. Coconut oil is great for a healthy and soft coat. It relieves dry, itchy, flaky, & irritated skin, reduces protein loss and strengthens hair, stronger, healthier protective skin barrier, serves as an all-natural refreshing deodorizer.

Isle of Dogs shampoo

See the entire line at Isle of Dogs CoCoClean.

Isle of Dogs treats

Isle of Dogs also has Daily Essential dog treats you will feel proud to gift your dog. They are made with only grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs. You will not find any gluten, dairy, wheat, meat, added salt, corn, added sugar or soy in these treats. They are vegetarian treats that offer daily nutrient support through high-quality, whole food ingredients, and are sourced and made in the USA. Give them whole or easily break into pieces for smaller treats.


Find all of the varieties at Isle of Dogs Daily Essentials.

You are not limited to CoCoClean shampoos or Daily Essentials treats. You can find other varieties of dog supplies and treats as well.

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Amy Orvin

This is my favorite from the gift guide. I intrigues me the most.