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2 Children Books that teach about The Forbidden City

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This is the Greatest Place
by Brian Tse
My son is 6 and so fascinated by the world and visiting places new to him. He caught that bug after many trips we took this summer. From Disneyland to the Ca. Bay Area, tagging along with my husband on business trips around the state and some day trips to festivals and towns near us. we kept busy and discovered a lot of new things. When This is the Greatest Place book arrived and I told my son it tells of how a beautiful ‘secret’ city in China was built, he couldn’t wait to read it. 
The book takes animal characters and a fun builder sent by the Emperor to find a location for this great palace. There are some fun surprises in the book along the way from a page of flaps your child can lift so they learn how different elements in nature was used to build the palace. There is a fun poster fold out that maps the entire forbidden city and my son was so fascinated on the layout and all that was in this town. 
This book combines history of one of the greatest landmarks of all times with the value of nature preservation and how important it was for these builders to use natural elements. It show your child that when you take care of nature, it can last hundreds of years or more!

In the Forbidden City is another learning tool for your child on all that it took to build this popular landmark. My son loved following the mischievous cat that takes you on the journey in and throughout the Forbidden City. With all of the fold out pages inside, your child’s eyes will light up as these amazing drawings takes them inside this ‘secret city’. 
Take your child back in time to meet Emperors and rebel leaders and learn the dynamics that allowed the Forbidden City to become and stay the most famous landmarks in the world. If the drawings are not fascinating enough, the magnifying glass that comes with each book makes the pages come closer to you so you can really see inside this city from the comfort of your own home.
If you read to your child, why not take them to a real place in history and allow them to learn about this famous landmark and the beautiful nature that was preserved to build it and how it still stands today because of the care the builders took in the preservation process.
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