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12 Scents Women scents for the Seattle Seahawks Fan

I was sent samples for promotion.

12 Scents for the Seattle Seahawks Fans
I live just north of Seattle and many of us have our game rituals. During NFL season we celebrate Blue Friday in this state. Every Friday you will find fans in their Seahawks apparel, businesses and schools participate and even some shops and retailers give Blue Friday discounts if you wear your Seahawks gear on these days. Blue Friday has become a Wa. Sate ritual of pride and spirit. 12 Scents gives us another ritual as we head out the door on game day or Blue Friday. Scents that reflect Seattle and the 12th men and women!

12 Scents is named after the Seattle Seahawks 12th man or in this case-12th Woman. In the NFL, a team is only allowed 11 players on the field and when defense is out, the Seattle Seahawks have a 12th man! Is it fair? If you are our opponents, you won’t like the 12th man! The 12th man is not measured by stats or yardage, but by a seismograph! The 12th man is not on the field, but all around it. In fact, the 12th man is in all places at once. 12th man is in homes, work places, roads, the stadium, walkways and wherever the game can be watched or heard. We, the fans are the 12th man! We have one of the loudest stadiums by design and it is our noise that can affect a play! We get loud, plays can’t be heard. If plays or calls can’t be heard, false starts or failed communication happens. Penalties can result and it is then the 12th man has made a game play! 

The Scents

There are 3 scents-Game Day (Perfume & Candle), 12th Gal (Perfume) and The Berm (Candle-masculine scent & Perfume coming soon).

The Good of 12 Scents

12 Scents is made with high quality and primarily natural ingredients. The products are made the Seattle way-hand poured and bottled with an organic perfumers alcohol base made from organic corn with added essential oils and phthalate free oils in the perfume. The candles are a blend of organic beeswax and pure soy wax without paraffin. 
The containers are reusable as you can simply use the candle jar for projects after wiping it out with soap and water. The labels are removable so the jar is ready for its next function as you see fit once the candle is done. There are no synthetic colors or dyes used in any of the products.
You can get your scents at www.12Scents.com. Looking for more team-inspired products? Keep in touch because the following teams are coming with similar scents:
  • Chicago Bears
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • San Diego Chargers
Get your pride on! Do you have any game day rituals for any sport?
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