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12 Classic movies to watch with your children on movie night

Last year we started a monthly tradition with our 7 year old. Once or twice a month we would watch some classic movies that we enjoyed as kids with him. With bargain movies available to buy or rent for little cost or free on some cable services, it became such a fun tradition. 
Some movies stood out the most with him. Some favorites were the original Ghostbusters and Goonies. It all started last year as we prepared to take him to Disneyland. My SIL loaned me her entire classic Disney movie collection she had and we began watching Dumbo, 101 Dalmations and more of the classics he had yet to see. 
I came up with a list-some are still on our own bucket list and some we have seen and I give you some age suggestions to help guide your own judgements. I gave my own age suggestion based on whether I would allow my son to see the movies and if not at what age, so they are strictly just my own opinion. Use your own judgement based on my notes as I note scenes I remember being in appropriate at times). On questionable ones, I leave you the rating.
Enjoy these 12 of many great titles to get you started. Maybe once a month you plan a family classic movie night and these 12 will get you started for the year!

Wizard of Oz ~ 1939 ~ All ages 
(there are some scary scenes like the witch trapped under the fallen house)
Big ~ 1988 ~ 6+ PG-rated
(mild swearing-I think just once, sounds of gunshots in background)
E.T. ~ 1982 ~ 6+ PG-rated
(some swearing, mild violence-chase scenes)
Goonies ~ 1985 ~ 7+
(some scary scenes like bad guy threatening to put Chunk’s hand in a blender)
Ghostbusters ~ 1984 ~ 7+ 
(there is a scene where Dana is possessed and mildly seductive)
My Girl ~ 1991 ~ Age 8+
(Any younger can get bored in slower scenes. Vada does die of her bee stings)
The Sandlot ~ 1993 ~ Age 7+ PG
(mentions of Playboy, eyeing women, mild swearing)
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The Karate Kid ~ 1984 ~ 8+
(It is a slow plot so 8+ is a good age to avoid boredom, mild violence)
Now and Then (My favorite) ~ 1995 ~ 10+ PG-13
(Swearing and one girl is shown smoking a cigarette)
Adventures in Babysitting ~ 1987 ~ 8+ PG-13
(some swear words, mild violence-a punch to the face)
Swiss Family Robinson ~ 1960 ~ 6+
(mildly scary pirate and tiger scene)
Children of Heaven ~ 1997 ~ 6+
(1 swear word “Oh S…”)
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*This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated.

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