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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day – Nature’s Path GIveaway

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Earth Day is April 22

Nature’s Path has kindly provided a list of 10 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day as a family. Do you celebrate Earth Day in your home? This is such a great time to introduce young kids to the concept of our impact on the Earth and for the older kids they can begin to learn some responsibilities and feel like they can make a difference. Enjoy these tips below then enter to win a Nature’s Path Prize Package worth $50!
  1. Learn about endangered species! Start Earth Day off with a bowl of Nature’s Path EnviroKidz organic cereal – each box features fun facts about an endangered species and highlights a few ways you can help protect them. It’s a quick and easy way for kids to learn about the importance of protecting animal habitats – and families can feel good about eating their breakfast because Nature’s Path donates 1% of sales of EnviroKidz products to support endangered species, habitat conservation and environmental education for kids worldwide.
  2. Plant it Forward: Earth Day is a perfect time to work in a garden – whether a community garden or at your home.
  3. Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Kids love getting outdoors and a walk on a trail, in a park or around the neighborhood can connect youngsters to the earth. Make it an adventure with a nature scavenger hunt – give kids a list or pictures to find of trees, flowers and insects.
  4. Pedal Power: Give up driving for a day. Grab some wheels – the ones you pedal – or hoof it around the block, to your local store or playground.
  5. Reuse Art: Create a fun craft table with only reusable items – from packaging, to newspapers to tins and jars – these leftover items can find new and creative uses.
  6. Trash patrol: Armed with reusable bags, kids can do a beach or park clean-up and compete for the most items found (just remember no picking up glass or sharp objects!).
  7. Brainstorm: Kids have great ideas – ask them for ideas on how the family can protect the earth every day – perhaps it is one hour less of electricity or having motor-less Sundays – they may surprise you with their brain power.
  8. Read together: There are so many wonderful books for kids of all ages (such as Dr. Seuss, The Lorax) that have messages about protecting the earth, so grab a blanket, a book and head outside.
  9. Recycle plan: How well does your family recycle? Make a plan to recycle more and set up trash bins for all to participate.
  10. Help save the Koalas! EnviroKidz is giving away a 10 day family trip for four to Australia which includes a chance to cuddle with a koala, visit with koala experts and scientists, plant Eucalyptus trees and more! To enter, look inside your EnviroKidz cereal box for your entry code and visit:
About Nature’s Path Envirokidz

Nature’s Path Envirokidz line offers cereals, granola bars and oatmeal that guarantees 1% of your purchase will be used to help endangered species. Nature’s Path Envirokidz products are certified organic, Non-GMO, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free. 

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a Nature’s Path Envirokidz prize package with product and VIP coupons. Enter below. Ends on 5/2/16 and open to US. Good luck!

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