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Zaycon Foods All-Natural Milk deliveries just began-Order today!

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Have you stopped to think much about the milk you buy? Did you know that the milk in the store-regular or organic has gone through a homogenized and ultra-pasteurization process? Do you know what that means to you? Well, if you are sensitive to diary-you know its ill-effects when you consume it. It is not real milk-it is processed. Real milk is not easily available and until Zaycon Foods commitment to only offering real, off the farm foods you could only get unprocessed milks from specialty dairies. You can enjoy a milk for the first time (for most of you) free of hormones and GMO’s and natural vitamins ONLY from the grass-fed cows!

Zaycon’s milk is made the old-fashioned way-from cows free of any added hormones and only pasteurized at low enough heat settings to keep milk real yet still free of harmful pathogens. If you have recently limited dairy with your family due to GI issues, I highly recommend trying Zaycon’s low-pasteurized milk. There is a great chance that by switching to a more natural state of milk that your family can better tolerate consuming this milk. If you are used to a fatty store-bought milk (2% or Whole) then you should enjoy this milk just fine. When it is in its more natural state, it can be a tad strong, so if you are used to 1% or fat-free milks then do what i did and mix it with a tad bit of water. My boys never knew the difference!

How to get your Zaycon Milk
  • Head over to Zaycon Foods
  • Search for deliveries happening in your area
  • Find available all-natural-right off the farm products sold in bulk
  • Save and get Real food delivered to a location near you!
  • On day of assigned pick up-pull up to the truck-stay in your car, show receipt, pop your trunk and they will load you up! It’s that easy!
Hurry as Milk sells out fast! 
Disclaimer: As a Zaycom Ambassador, I was provided the above product for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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3 thoughts on “Zaycon Foods All-Natural Milk deliveries just began-Order today!”

  1. We purchase our organic, hormone free milk for our son from a local dairy farm that sounds a lot like Zaycom. I like that we are not only supporting small family businesses, but the quality of milk our son drinks is the best we can provide to him.

  2. We have a local dairy farm that delivers milk to your door here too. I love their services, we just have a metal cooler box that sits outside the front door and they delivery any dairy products we order that week. This is great you posted this, not a lot of people know that they can have these services!!!! And I agree with the previous comment, supporting local small businesses is even a better added bonus!

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