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Unique Natural Products Offers Safe & Effective Cleaning Products #Review

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I was recently sent some cleaning items from Unique Natural Cleaning Products and am so excited to share these with you. We just completed a move and the Septic Treatment, Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator and Carpet Shampoo came in handy as we cleaned ourselves out of our home we moved from. We are renting it out to our son, but still wanted him & his girlfriend to come to a fresh home for themselves.

About Unique Natural Products
  • Offer Natural cleaning for your home, boat, RV and clothing
  • Always Free Shipping on orders over $50
  • Available at ACE, DoItBest, True Value, Krisers and Natural Groceries stores
  • From experience-their products are safe, natural, inexpensive & effective
  • Use nature’s bacterial digestants, not chemicals
  • Stain products will eat through mold, smoke & water stains
  • Septic products will naturally aid in eliminating odors & clogs in your home or RV
  • Drain Maintenance products safely open drains and it works!
  • The Grease, Rust & oil Removals is an ultra concentrated grime eater
I used the Carpet Shampoo to shampoo our 2 carpeted areas and as we moved the large couch in our family room we discovered stains we didn’t know we had! Obviously spills had occurred on the sofa and being leather, we wiped it clean not knowing it had seeped below the couch onto the carpets! Unique’s Carpet Shampoo effortlessly eliminated the stain! The odor of shampooing was very pleasant and not at all overwhelming. Have you shampooed carpets and been left with a fowl odor in the air from pulling up the grime? I have and Unique did not give us that odor at all! The house smelled so clean and fresh! I also gave our septic system a quick treatment.


Above is a sample of a stain I found under the couch once the movers took it away. Looks like maybe an old juice stain. I just used the hand tool on my shampooer and with little effort removed the stains!
To see all the products offered and learn more about Unique Natural Products, visit

Disclosure: I was provided products from the above sponsor for this review. All opinions remain 100% my own.

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