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Two New Games from Blue Orange Games

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I was sent samples for feature

Two new games from Blue Orange

Fast Flip

Fast Flip is a game for ages 7+ that is about solving challenges in a fast card flipping challenge. Players have cards-one side is a fruit and the other side is a number. In the challenge cards there are a combination of fruits. In a turn, a fruit/number card is drawn to determine the problem solving for that play. If a fruit is shown you have to be the first to count the number of that fruit on the challenge card and if the number is shown you have to be the first to solve which fruit is shown that number of times. The challenge cards are each produced to give only 1 correct answer.
Fast Flip is about processing speed, focus, attention and visual perception.
Dr. Eureka
Dr Eureka is a game for ages 8+ that is about solving challenges with speed and control. Players start with 3 empty test tubes and 3 test tubes of a certain order colored balls (molecules). When a challenge card is turned over you must repeat the pattern taking care because transferring molecules from one tube to another is tricky when you cannot touch them or let them drop out of the tubes.
It’s about problem solving, fine motor skills, visual perception, focus attention and processing speed.

Blue Orange games has so many of our favorite family games that really focus on specific skills and offer hours of fun. See them all at

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