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Trash Pack Junk Truck Review

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This is a product review for Moose Toys’ products

Having fun with the Trash Pack Junk Truck

Moose Toys brings you the popular Trash Packs. These squishy junk germ characters are fun to collect and they interact with their many trash toys. My son chose to review the junk truck so his germs had a place to be ‘destroyed’. You can twist and pull on these toys without destruction and the play sets are meant for your child to get creative and make destroying germs fun!

My son has a few trash packs he likes to pick up when he earns a few extra dollars. They average about $5 for a 4-5 pack at most retailers so they are relatively cheap as far as toys that you collect go. Each Trash Pack character comes in its own trash can. There are household germs, sports germs, pet germs and more. 

Trash Packs from Moose Toys are an entire series of interactive characters, play sets and trading cards. This is what entices my son’s age group. He just turned 6 and the kids will sit and play with the characters in their play sets and move on to the trading cards. Sometimes they make games out of the trading cards as they play with the sets. 

Anthony’s Review

More about Trash Packs
  • Available at most retailers in US and Australia including Amazon
  • Characters are named after common germs such as Tape Worm or Rotten Sandwich
  • Products include character packs, trading cards, play sets and vehicles
  • Further interact online with Trash Pack games and downloads
If you have a Trash Pack fan or a child who may have a birthday coming up, gift them Trash Pack toys. They make great gifts and will not cost a fortune to keep their collection growing. I can tell you, they make a great chore motivator!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above products. Any opinions are 100% my own.

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