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Tips To Staying Fit For The College Student

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You did it now how to stay fit and eat healthy during the grueling College Years! You made it through the grueling High School Years and now enter College! If you are a parent reading this, you deserve a Congratulations also! I have a 21 year old and a 15 year old and I know that the High School Years are just as demanding for us parents! In all the College, grades and job talk, we forget that they our children will be on their own for the first time..alone! 

Bet that they will take for granted the way we structure meals so our family gets the proper nutrients and our chore list to get the kids up and moving. On their own, they will eat like THEY want to and veg as much as possible. No one is telling them what to do so they tend to not do much of anything every chance they get! They will be sitting still to talk and socialize at times, they amount of studying and school work is still incomprehensible to them right now. The Best Colleges has some tips below that you may need to forward over to your student! Give them that one last nudge and advise!
The Best Regimen for College Fitness

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