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Teacher Christmas Gifts from Teacher Peach

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I have partnered with Teacher Peach and was sent product for feature

Teacher Christmas Gifts from Teacher Peach

Don’t forget the Teacher! You didn’t, did you? With a Mother who is a second grade teacher and a sister who is an elementary school Counselor and I myself in PTA and working at my son’s elementary school part time I will always remind others to stop and appreciate your child’s teacher. After all, they spend about 180 days of a 365 day year with your child for 6-8 hours. So let me help you with some ideas on teacher Christmas gifts from Teacher Peach.

Teachers have a lot of meetings

Teacher Peach has those meetings covered. There are some gifts that will be used and toted to buildings and rooms for staff and meetings and trainings and 2 of my favorite are the I Teach Meeting Case and Remember Colorful Note Flags.

The I Teach Meeting Case has adjustable straps and is a durable micro-canvas materiel. The pockets have velcro closures and reads “Yes. I Teach. So, I inspire, manage, coach, engage, solve problems, listen, detect, explore, believe, care, worry, & always make time to laugh with my kids.”

teacher tote

At meetings there are so many papers and flyers handed out and to keep those from disappearing in endless piles of paper, flags help a lot. That is why the Remember Colorful Note Flags and sticky not organizer will come in handy. This can be carried in the tote or stored on the desk.

note flag

Teachers Need Breaks Too

Whether it is that precious recess time or a moment during silent reading, Teachers need breaks in the day too. That is why I love the “Teachers Rock the World” Stainless Steel Water Bottle with the wide mouth that holds 25 ounces. It is BPA free and gives them a quick moment of hydration after a long morning or afternoon of talking and lecturing.

teacher water

I also love the “Teach! It Changes Everything” Soup Mug. During those quiet moments or gatherings in the staff lunch room, they will forever remember who gifted them the inspiration at meal time.

Teacher Mug

For the Classroom and a Gift That Keeps Giving

Remember when you did a fantastic job n a paper that it warranted a fun sticker? The Mega Sticker pack allows your child’s teacher all the stickers she needs to keep rewarding her students. Because it’s the small things…

mega stickers

The Teacher Appreciation Once Upon a Gift Box is full of classroom rewards and office products and with it comes discounts when they need to reorder more. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Teacher Box

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