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Take The Guess Work Out Of Ordering Your Lab Coat at Medelita

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I have worked in the Medical field for over 9 years. I started in Veterinary Medicine and switched to Human  medicine 5 years ago. I work as a Surgery Scheduler in a large Cardiology practice so I wear office attire, but many all of our MA’s, Nurses, PA’s and MD’s are always talking about the need for new lab coats. I wore them also when I was a Veterinary Assistant and when you work with Animals you go through Scrubs and coats constantly.

There are so many styles and the most important feature seems to be the comfort. You spend 8 or more hours in these and are constantly moving and on your feet, so to have a style that helps you feel human in a way that can still bring a flattering look as well as the comfort is a necessity. Finding scrubs can be hard. A few Mass Merchandisers carry them and some are comfortable, but most really are not at all. Online offers the most variety and better prices for the quality you get, but it is hard to measure and know the fit. That is where Medelita comes in!

Why is Medelita so unique?
At Medelita, not only do they have a great gifts for Doctors or Nurses in your life. you can use the Gift Guide to take all that guesswork out of how to customize them. If you are shopping for your own Medical Coat, you can use the Personal Shopper feature to let Medelita give you recommendations based on your height, weight and profession. 
Their lab coats and scrubs are low cost and they will be personalized based on your profession. Medelita offers Mens & Womens Lab Coats, Scrubs, Scrub Hats, Clogs, Ink Remover to work on those lab coats. The material includes a Fresh Guard to help eliminate odors as well as fabric that allows you to launder at home with no ironing needed. Visit Medelita today for your medical wear needs!

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14 thoughts on “Take The Guess Work Out Of Ordering Your Lab Coat at Medelita”

  1. They do have so nice lab coats! My cousin works in the medical area I will have to send her a link to this company and see if she is interested in a new lab coat 🙂

  2. This reminded me of the day when I had to get a lab coat for school and I really dislike how lame they looked on. I'm not a doctor but I am sure that you want a very comfortable lab coat to wear around the hospital all day long! I know I would.

  3. I will have to share this with my sister, just this morning she was telling me she was going to have to drive into the city to get a new lab coat. She only has one class left and will start her internship on Thursday.

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