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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

I have partnered with Zulily for feature and was provided store credit. Thoughts/opinions are my own

 Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

October is National Women’s Small Business Month and we are Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings. Each week (for 4 weeks), Zulily will feature female small business owners and their products with sales events, stories and more. To be a woman in this country is great and we all are able to take our ideas and make them a reality. Everyone has the access and some women take full advantage of that access and bring us amazing products we can use in our lives.

Zulily is a great sales platform for these women and other creators. In one site you have access to unique and quality products. Zulily has been around since 2010 and has supported entrepreneurs with pride ever since. I love browsing the website for unique gift ideas whenever I am stumped on a gift for someone – man, woman or child. I always find great ideas at Zulily thanks to women entrepreneurs who understand what we want and create quality brands.

So, this month, at Zulily, make sure you find their stories on the National Women’s Small Business Month page.


Above is a sneak peek at some of the great women entrepreneurs in business you can find at the Zulily page for this month: Pay them a visit! Then keep checking back to the Zulily page link above to meet more women like these!


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Who deserves a Honey & Sage Co. Care Package?

Who deserves a Honey & Sage Co care package? Someone you know gives and gives and hardly takes any recognition. Someone you know is tired and still thrives for her family everyday. Someone you know needs a lift whether it is because they lost a loved one or got some bad news. Someone you know needs Honey & Sage Co. It is a website with products and even care packages thoughtfully put together as a perfect gift for someone deserving.

In the latest care package there were so many settling product such as this prayer bracelet. Every monthly box has a meditation quote and this bracelet is made with yellow aventurine and lava stone, both of which are believed to help with self-confidence, creativity and stability.

June’s Mediation for example:

“I challenge myself to lift another woman’s spirit by giving her words or actions of encouragement and to revel in the inherent goodness of which I am made. I challenge myself to sit daily in a prayer for peaceful understanding that I am worthy and so is she.”

Using the prayer bracelet daily as you read your meditation can also be done with a cup of Vibrant-C Hibiscus and Elderberry Tea that is also good cold. However you enjoy a cup of tea in peace you get a blend of herbs that are refreshing on a hot day and offer a boost to your immune system.

2 drops-2 different uses. The Organic Hawthorne Tincture is taken orally to support a healthy heart. The Skin Soother is used topically and contains aloe vera, Vitamin E-rich sunflower oil and essential oils for that after-sun skin care.

June also gives you this Seoul Mama Revitalizing Mask because we all need those spa-like moments and this mask is packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid for conditioning. See the unboxing in action below.

@honeyandsageco Unboxing of women’s health care packages and products! #unboxing

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I wonder what July will bring? Visit Honey & Sage Co to see all of the offered products that you can gift right now to a deserving woman. Choose a Woman Care or Holy Wellness box to send today.

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Stocking Stuffers from 7 Heaven Beauty Masks

Samples sent for feature

beauty masks logo

Stocking Stuffers from 7 Heaven Beauty Masks

I have used beauty and body products as stocking stuffers since the oldest was a pre-teen. Now with 3 boys ages 8-24 I need a variety of stocking stuffers. So why am I mentioning beauty masks when i need stocking stuffers for older boys? Because 7 Heaven beauty masks has one for the men.

beauty masks men

The 7 Heaven masks have 2 options for men because our skin is important and being a man o women doesn’t decide if we should take steps to make sure our skin is healthy. The men’s Spearmint Deep Pore Cleansing Mask will give a smoother complexion with a fresh, clean feeling. The men’s Dead Sea Rescue Mud Mask brings natural orange oil and Dead sea minerals for a facial refresh.

beauty masks coconut

Back to the standard 7 Heaven masks is the Creamy Coconut mask for dry and tired skin. It gives you a natural boost of hydration to your face.

beauty masks mud

The Chocolate Mud Mask and Hot Springs Sauna masks offer antioxidants and minerals for dry and rough skin. The peel-off masks are my favorite and they really dig into those pores. The 7 Heaven peel-off masks like the Passion will help peel away dead skin cells. These are perfect to use as weather changes.

beauty masks passion

The sizes of these single 7 Heaven masks are perfect for the stocking. Find these in many retailers near you at perfect stocking stuffer prices.

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Powerhandz Performance Enhanced Sports Gloves

Sample sent for feature

Powerhandz Sports Gloves

My son’s basketball season is about to begin and he will start his same team for the third year. We have a great coach and request him every year. Now that he has his same coach and these new Powerhandz basketball training game gloves, I can’t wait to see him grow another year in this sport.

sports gloves grip

The glove is anti-grip so that the ball slides off the glove. The weights throughout the glove offer hand strength building. Together this creates excellent ball handling training. In youth players (my son being 3rd grade), they have speed, they have determination but they still lack handling and shooting. Some players are the aggressive type and others, like my son, are less aggressive but great on defense.

These gloves will help him a lot in passing skills while he gains a bit more hand and arm strength at practice.

sports gloves weighted

The video below does a great job showing you the gloves in training….

He was so excited when these came and the first thing I did was show him this video above. Then we went outside to the neighborhood hoop and did some drills.

practice with sports gloves

sports gloves practice

Find Powerhandz and other training products for all sports and ages for your holiday shopping needs.

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Your 2016 Holiday Gift Guide List #HolidayGiftGuide

Welcome to the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.

Holiday-Christmas-Gift-Ideas | Parenting Healthy |

I hope you get a chance to learn more about the brands below I chose to work with this year. Find a category below and see the gift ideas.

Gift posts added daily so check back often!

Enter Giveaways!

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GIFTS FOR WOMEN: Visit the Buying Page HERE!

GIFTS FOR MEN: Visit the Buying Page HERE!

GIFTS FOR KIDS: Visit the Buying Page HERE!



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Effective Bladder Leakage Protection with Depends

Depend Silhouette
Whether you are 25 or 75, bladder leakage may be of a concern to you. Most women in their 20’s are experiencing bladder leakage over women in their 80’s and the majority are under 50 years old. Many don’t think of bladder leakage occurring in younger women because perhaps the younger woman feels shame in discussing it. I have several friends who experience bladder leakage-some I have known for years and had no idea. Once I brought up the topic that I am doing posts about effective bladder leakage protection with Depends and the frequency of bladder leakage I am told about stories. I suppose many don’t bring it up until they hear they are not alone.
Depend Bladder Leakage
Two close friends experienced bladder leakage for the first time on two different occasions. One experienced it at pregnancy and it got a bit better but never totally went away. At times when she lifts something heavy or picks up her child she will experience some leakage. Another close friend who works with me began experiencing it when getting into a gym routine. When she exerts herself at the gym-lifting bars, doing floor routines she will experience leakage. For both of them they tend to know when they experience leakage the most and learn the triggers real fast so it is important to them to keep products on hand. Whether you know to wear protection at the gym or on a stay at home day doing chores with the kids, having proper bladder leakage protection is the best solution.

However most bladder products are like diapers! They ride high and there is no way to wear them and be discrete. That is why Depends is in it’s third year of Underwareness. Not only had Depends created low-rise briefs that feel just like regular underwear without the bulk or high rise, they are on a social movement and charitable cause to break down the bladder leakage stigma.

Depend products
Depend Product for Bladder Leakage
Depend Silhouette Active Fit Lower-Rise Briefs come in black and beige and can be worn with any outfit while it discretely protects you from embarrassing leakage that can occur. They are thin with a cotton-like fabric with moderate absorbency the traps and locks in odor. Wear them, be protected and you won’t feel like your part of any stigma. You already know you are not, you are in more of a majority and chances are others in that crowded room are wearing something similar but we always want to be comfortable and feel protected in any moment so we can focus on more important parts of our day and evenings.
I mention that Depend is on a charity campaign and for every photo and video shared using #Underwareness and featuring Depend products, the Depend brand will donate $1, up to $3 million, through 2016 to fund charities that advance the research and education of bladder leakage.

Get a  FREE SAMPLE and join the cause by visiting


What is your Underwareness story?