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Toys for Boys and Girls from Basic Fun Toys

I have partnered with Tech 4 Kids and product was sent for feature. Note Tech4Kids is a part of Basic Fun Toys

Stocking Stuffers can be a tough one. I like to make them things they really want and not just buy any ‘ole plastic toys to stuff them. I try to stay under $4 an item for a toys or two and fill the rest with candy and gum and the traditional orange (for good luck). Basic Fun Toys has several toy and stocking stuffer choices I wanted to bring to your attention because I am sure you’ll come across these in store toy aisles.

Hatch’Ems – Under $6

Pop the lid, bop the top, and watch your dino hatch! There are 6 to collect. These little guys are so cute! Anthony has one in the video below. Even though he got over excited and broke his open -lol.

Toys for Boys and Girls from Tech 4 Kids

Mash’Ems – Under $4

These popular blind capsules hold a surprise licensed character inside and you never know who you get until you open it. There are 12 character series from Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacman, Paw Patrol, Spongebob and more. There are so many to collect and kids love blind boxes!


Gemmies for girls

This Gemmies loom and creation kit allows your child to make jewelry and more with little colored crystals. Find a 300 and 500 piece sets.


These are not the only products from Basic Fun Toys, but now you have some ideas as you head out to shop that won’t break the budget. The video below gives more insight into these from Anthony!

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Fidget Fun and Tricks with New Fijix Spinners

I have partnered with Fijix for this feature


Fidget Fun and Tricks with New Fijix Spinners

Fidget Spinners! Have you heard of these? lol Of course you have. What makes a spinner quality is the amount of time it spins. We have plenty that hit or come very close to hitting about 2 minutes. However, these new Fijix Spinners give you 3 minutes or more of spin!


Love Minions? Each fidget spinner side has character illustrations and they are 3-pronged so your child or you can get fancy with those fidget tricks. They are very quiet too.


Not a minion fan? (really?!). Ok we have a few other characters to show you that will also be available. Five Nights at Freddy’s are popular with the older kids. My 9 year old loves them and like the Minions they have characters on each side. If you are a Power Rangers fan we have those for you too!


With the Star Wars, don’t expect anything less than Super! These are Super Fidget Spinners with characters like Darth Vader, BB8, R2D2 and Stormtrooper Super Spinners with a different outcome after every spin. Make sure you start collecting these ones as you come across them.


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Get The Kids Moving With The Ultra Dash Game

I have partnered with Play Monster for this feature


When summer begins we have grand visions of kids running and playing outdoors all day then reality hits. We just finished a 52 day no rain streak here in Seattle and the majority of that time was very high temps and muggy. In Seattle 90 degrees feels like 100 in other locations in the nation. There was a 2 week spread where I told my son to play in the morning but by 11am he needed to be indoors. It was too hot and we had the very poor air quality from fires that were so thick most days. Even his soccer league was canceling practices due to air quality and excessive heat. So, visions of a son away from TV and video games went out the door by week 3 of summer. I did get good at helping him find indoor activities such as having the neighbor kids over enjoying his Ultra Dash game.

This game will get them up and moving and can be played indoors or out. It is rated 6 and older and Anthony is 9 and loves this game so it is great for years of play. You get 5 colored targets to set up as you wish-they can get creative like my son and his friends did. They would set up simple courses in the game room and sometimes use the entire house or a hide and seek with them by putting in difficult spots.


When the color of your wand flashes you have to go find that color target and insert the wand to trigger the next cue. There are 3 game modes explained in the booklet: Beat the Clock, Target Tally and Relay Race–it’s a different game each time you play!

You can have 1 player, play head to head or team to team. There are no words or language, just sounds and lights. The simplicity of it all makes it so much fun and allows them to get creative and competitive in play. You can find Ultra Dash at Walmart and Target stores and it makes a great gift idea for any child the next time you get handed a party invite and struggle to know what gift to get. Girl or boy, ages 6 and up will all have a blast. It is also great to pack in the camping gear. The kids can have a blast all over the campgrounds and they are sure to begin to attract new friends who will ant to join in as they are caught having a blast!

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Let’s FlipaZoo and Flip Zee With Fun Plush Toys

I have partnered with FlipaZoo and Flip Zee for this feature


FlipaZoo 2.0 Flipzee is here. If you are familiar with the original FlipaZoo plush then you will love the newest series of these reversible fun plush toys. There are brand new characters and as you may already know, you get 2 animals in one.

Each Flipzee has 2 soft animal characters that you flip from to hang out with the plush buddy of your choice. Right now my 9 year old talks about wanting a dog. We are in no position to get hime one right now as we are in the middle of moving into our new home so right now any plush or toy that is a dog character is what he wants.

Now this is a dog we can have right now…..


FlipaZoo Flipzee has all of the various animal plush and Flip Zee Girls has the doll characters that flip open to a doll or fold up to a wrapped bundle of joy. As a baby she has small brown eyes, as a doll those eyes are her adorable freckles. Watching her grow from baby to girl is so much fun. Perfect for the “I am NOT a BABY anymore!” stage and older. Collect all 6 of them!

Keep these in mind this holiday season-they are a lot of fun! Not only can you find these FlipaZoo plush there are also minis and slippers collections available. See them all at and


Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities – Book

I have partnered with Fox Chapel Publishing for this feature


Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities

Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities

David King (of GeekBite)

It’s a $500M toy fad that most likely you or the kids have been a part of. The first time I heard of a fidget spinner was just a few months ago when a Mom on a community FB group posted that “…for anyone looking, we just found some fidget spinners at 7-11. They will run out so letting you know!” What is a fidget spinner? I asked my 9 year old and he jumped up and down. Apparently he not only knew and had seen a fidget spinner but heard they are no where to be found. He ran up to get his money and did not have enough so he begged to do chores and run down to the store ASAP. Now he has many of them. In fact, on a recent trip to NYC the first 3 souvenirs he bought with his spending money were fidget spinners that were in gift shops and street vendors.


For me, I played with one for a few moments and then was a bit unsure what I ought to do next. My son. however tosses and uses props so when I saw this book I knew he’d have a blast with the tricks and activities. Some are very challenging and others are just simple and fun.

The tricks are performed in photo by Pro Fidgeter (is that a title?) David King who is host to a show my son has watched on Youtube called GeekBite. Stack spinners, spin on water bottles and do skateboard flip ups. And for Mom and Dad who are curious, there is a section that provides information on the true health benefits of these fidget spinners. I set the book on the table and did some chores and when I cam back into the room, Anthony had put the Xbox controllers down and was flipping through the book with his spinner in hand. It took him away from the screen and that’s the best part of it for me.

Find the book at a great price on Amazon for Kindle or paperback.

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Learning Science with Educational Insights GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope

This feature is in partnership with Educational Insights


Is your child ready for real, powerful scientific fun. Toys, yes, but these GeoSafari toys from Educational Insights will bring out the Scientist and Explorer in them for sure. Anthony is heading into fourth grade and he has dabbled in science studies in his past grades but this year science will be a block in his curriculum. He is so excited.

I wanted to spend the summer finding activities and games to allow him to experiment on his own. We have turned caterpillars into butterflies, we grew some cilantro and as we move into our new home at the base of Mount Rainier in the NW Cascades we have some amazing outdoor views and wide open skies. For this, we have the Educational Insights GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope.


The GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope gives clear, up-close images at magnifications of 20x, 40x, and 80x. This will allow for some fun land and sky viewing and it is lightweight too so we can view from both ends of the home out our upstairs windows.



Educational Insights has fun learning games and toys like telescopes from math to science that is the perfect way to jump start this years learning. Learning is fun especially in the form of games.