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MaxTraxxx Tracer Racers Remote Control Infinity Loop Set

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MaxTraxxx Tracer Racers Remote Control Infinity Loop Set

Where should I start with this remote control track? This is unlike any race track we have owned in our 24 years of raising boys. We are car geeks in this house and are having a blast with the MaxTraxxx Tracer Racers Remote Control Infinity Loop Set. This is a gift must-have for any race fan-child to adult.

remote control track

The track comes with a standard loop track instruction set up or you can customizes your own design. It allows for adjustable track heights allow racers to control course difficulty.

  • glow-in-the-dark dual loop
  • 6 dual glow-in-the-dark corners
  • over 46 feet of glow-in-the-dark track
  • 2 remote control Tracer Racers
  • 26 X-BLOX construction brix

Once the track is set up, find a partner and go head to head at high speeds. You can control speeds on the remote control so see how fast you can handle this track. Better yet, turn off the lights! The Light Trail Technology  blazes streaks of light on Skullduggery patented Glow-in-the-Dark track. Each Tracer Racer beams down purple light rays from its undercarriage onto track specially engineered to emit glow remnants long after the racer has passed.

dark remote control

remote control traxx

This is truly a lot of fun and great for family fun nights. Find the MaxTraxx products at Skullduggery and other retailers such as Walmart.

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MISSION Athletecare’s RadiantActive line of heating gear #HollidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: MISSION RadiantActive Performance gear


Before wondering if these Mission RadiantActive Athletecare products I am featuring is just another fitness line of clothing, I can tell you that this line is powered by 37.5 Technology that are infused with active particles that retain heat and remove sweat to keep you warm and dry. Now your own body’s energy doesn’t have to focus on that task. You’ll have that energy back to perform better in fitness or sports.

The RadiantActive line includes instant heating headbands, beanies, gloves, balaclavas, neck gaiters, scarves, base layer tights and tops. These are all designed to keep you warm and dry from sweat and won’t add extra weight.


How does it work? The clothing is embedded with carbon fibers to retain up to 15% more heat than normal performance fabrics. The products are made with a high abrasion resistance outer-layer and excellent lofted heat retention to keep you warm in any weather condition.

The base layer tights are compression fit and lightweight. The top are a fitted design with 4 way stretch. They both have breathable mesh panels and are odor resistant.



The gloves come in a lightweight or midweight styles. The lightweight is made with a lighter fabric and has a 4 way stretch. The midweight gloves have adjustable hook and loop closures and are water resistant. They both have proprietary heating technology with lightweight insulation. They are moisture wicking, touchscreen compatible and have a silicone palm grips.


The neck gaiter is a 4 way stretch, moisture wicking material. It is also wind resistant and the beanie is lightweight and helps keep heat in.



You can find the entire MISSION Athletecare RadiantActive line at MISSION’s website and learn more about the 37.5 technology. I am sending some to my son across state who is at Washington State University. It gets very cold in the winter and he has quite a jaunt to his classes so this will get used a lot by him on campus for walking and attending football games in that cold and snowy weather this winter.

Can you think of other activities you would use these for?

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Back to School with Sharpie Extreme

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Last year my son was in a youth British Soccer camp and at the end of camp he wanted autographs of the coaches before they head back to England. All I had was a regular Sharpie and he had them sign with that blue pen. He then insisted he play with that ball throughout the year. However, you cannot read the names of the Coaches anymore. This summer he has the same camp and I had been wondering how to find a better marker this year. I was introduced to Sharpie Extreme. This marker is made for such occasions because it stays bold.


You can find Sharpie Extreme in 4 colors-black, red, blue and green. They will mark anything a standard Sharpie would only this Sharpie pen is for extreme uses. You can use it on plastic, wood and even glass.


This summer we will be bringing Sharpie Extreme to signings. They are made for your sports equipment, outdoor equipment, backpacks and water bottles. Extreme weather won’t fade these colors. It stands up to UV rays, rain, snow and even mud.


The tip is fine and it writes in bold, high-contrast colors. I have marked my son’s sports balls, jackets, backpack, lunchbox and keep one by the front door bin for items I feel need to be marked.


When you are doing your back to school shopping, make sure you pick up a Sharpie Extreme. Then get those items marked. I work in the schools and some nice looking jackets and hoodies get donated at the end of the year. Many families will be missing those unmarked items. I found some on Amazon and you can find them at other retailers too.

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Stay Cool and Save Energy with Mission’s Vaporactive Line

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Before wondering if these Mission products I am featuring is just another fitness line of clothing, I can tell you that there are safe and unsafe ways to exercise. In the heat, the safety factor while being outdoors becomes a lot higher due to the heat’s effect on our bodies. It has been a hot summer in many of our states this summer, including here near Seattle. When your body temperature raises you burn a lot of energy trying to self-cool. You could use that energy for a more effective workout instead. Mission’s Vaporactive line works hard to cool your body so that your energy doesn’t have to focus on that task. Now you have that energy back to perform better in fitness or sports.


As the Olympics have started, I will mention that Mission is a proud supporter of the USRowing team, they will provide cooling towels bearing the American flag to all Olympians and Paralympians competing in the 2016 Games. They will also provide additional cooling accessories and gear, including hats and multi-cool headwear to help the U.S. athletes stay cool during their training and competition. A gal I used to nanny for is competing in the 2016 Paralympics Basketball Team for USA in RIO. So I love to feature brands that support the Paralymppics as much as I do. Look for Megan Blunk on that court, that sweet, dimple-faced girl is who we are cheering for in this home.


I am listing a few products below that will do more than provide fashion, but work for your body temperature so you can perform better. It sounds too easy-put on some socks, a shirt and hat and you reserve more energy. However, the technology is rather complex and that is why Mission is more than an ordinary fitness clothing brand.

  • Vaporactive Performance No-Show Socks ( 2-pack). Powered by 37.5 technology and infused with permanent active particles that rapidly attract and evaporate sweat keeping you cool dry and comfortable
  • Enduracool Techknit Cooling Towel. Instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out and is snapped in the air to activate its cooling properties.
  • Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel. Made from proprietary performance fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out and is snapped in the air to activate its cooling properties.
  • Cooling Performance Hat. When wet its stays cool for hours. Lighter than most and with a non-structured fit to afford you maximum breathability.
  • Reflective Cooling Headband. A cooling lockdown reversible headband. It drops to 30 degrees below average body temperatures when soaked with water, wrung out and snapped.

So what does Mission mean by stays cool when wet and 37.5 technology? 37.5 technology means that at the fiber level of the fabric such as the socks, there are naturally derived active particles added. Your body gives off an infrared energy when you are burning calories and it attracts that natural energy from your body. It captures, traps and evaporates that moisture (from sweat), that allows you to be cool but does not leave you feeling wet. These particles hold the wet-you feel the cold. It essentially attracts and removes sweat from your body unlike wicking that just moves it around. Active 37.5 is the name of these infused particles that do all that work. It is made to last and will not wash out. This is a dry to cool effect.



With Mission’s Enduracool technology such as in their cooling towels, fabric chills to a surface temperature by up to 30°. This helps you control temperature on demand. It is a proprietary weave that absorbs moisture (water) though its capillary system. The construction of the fabric has a hollow core that spreads water. This slows evaporation for a prolonged cooling effect. This is the wet to cool effect meaning you have to wet the product to activate the cold. Adding water creates a cooling effect so your body performs its best and saves energy. On your next hot run- pour some water from your bottle onto the towel, snap to wrap around your neck. You have to feel that cold to know just how effective it works.

Visit Mission today and start saving that energy for better performance while Mission Vaporactive keeps your cool. Great for the kids outdoors so they do not overheat!

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Challenger Sports British Soccer Club Summer Camp

This week my son had another one of the best experiences at his age of 8. His week at Challenger Sports British Soccer 1/2 day camp is all he can talk about. This is his second year at this camp and it remains his favorite summer activity. The difference this year is we decided to host a coach. James was born in Liverpool and lives in Kuwait and stayed with us for the week. It was such a fun experience and we would love to host again next year.
The coaches were excellent. So professional and quickly gained the children’s respect. They are tough enough on them that they learn and don’t get away with running off or speaking out. There was coach James, Kelsey and Alex. Within no time at all they had children’s names memorized and each child was paid attention to equally throughout the week. I actually stayed each day and got some work done on my laptop because we live almost 30 minutes away and the scenery was gorgeous-can’t beat the office view I had from the field all week of the Puget Sound and Mukilteo Ferries.
Everyday was structured with drills, group games, scrimmages, water breaks, snack break and team discussions. However, the drills and games would change up to new ones each day which kept the kids engaged and they had a blast. On day one my son learned new drills and immediately I saw him using them at practice with his normal city league he is in. He was doing toe touches, fast feet and roller ball proudly.
The week was full of point-earning activities and those points add up. All kids were divided equally by age into 4 teams. Each team got to choose a country-A’s team chose USA. There was England, Ireland and Brazil. These were to be their teams for the week on scrimmages and team meetings and activities. They could earn points with goals. There was some homework too, but fun homework. Wednesday was wacky Wednesday so they had to dress up and bring silly clothes for the coaches to wear. Friday was country day-they had to bring facts about their country to share and make something related to that country flag. My son made red, white and blue taffy sticks for his USA team. Others made craft flags or cupcakes. Then a team would be named best flag spirit and USA took the win (they brought treats to share with everyone-cupcakes always win).
So what team won the World Cup on the last day? That would be USA-my son’s team! I loved that not only at victory, but after every scrimmage the coaches gathered the kids who were to reflect on that game they just played and to choose an MVP of the game. My son was chosen as MVP once every day out of 3-4 games a day. He self-declared himself as Super MVP for the week-lol. This year he learned about team spirit and was loud-calling for the ball and cheering for his teammates in game as well as encouraging other team’s players. I have not seen that in him in other sports he played until camp this week.
The value of this camp is simply the best of any camp I have ever enrolled any of our boys in for all of these years! The kids listen, respect, reflect, learn, work as teams, encourage each other. Plus in the 80 and 90 degree heat wave we had they hung in there like champs. On the Thursday my son hit burnout due to not only camp but his soccer team practices in the heat wave all week and he wanted to come anyway. He wanted to show up-sick- to not let his team down because they have learned to be supportive all week and truly relied on each other at scrimmage time. Amazing how these coaches were that skilled to get a group of over 20 kids all ages working so well together from day 1! I will do this camp every year as long as my son wants! I recommend it to any child interested or who loves the sport.
What you get after registering for Challenger British Sports clubs
  • Register by 45 days to camp start and receive a free Challenger Sports jersey
  • Every player gets a free British Soccer ball and British Soccer Club T-shirt
  • Each player gets a certificate at the end with an evaluation form filled out to see their areas of strength and improvements
  • Every player also gets a free poster
  • Host a coach for the week and save $80-once you register you will get emails asking for host families!
After all of the freebies, I ordered my son the matching shorts, socks, shinguards and ties and spent under $35 shipped. Their shop prices are great.
Look now for camps still open in many US states! Choose the camp that fits best for your child. If you missed a camp in your area this year, mark your calendars for Feb-March. Tis is about when you can start looking for the new year’s sign ups.
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2 Ways to Show Your Team Spirit

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I have learned so much as we prepare to send our middle son off to College in the fall. We are first-time college parents and there is so much we need to do to get them dorm ready for their new adventure away from home. I’ve learned to keep my eyes open and watch for items I know my son will want to have as he heads off in August. He is attending WSU (Washington State University) so having spirit wear items are at the top of any students list. I was contacted by Jaymo of 2 different products and the fun ways the students can bring school pride with them in small items that won’t take up dorm space.



First are the portable and reusable signs from ZipSign. This is so fun because my son loves sports and I assume will attend school home games often. Now he can take the team spirit with him in his pocket in any weather. ZipSign also comes in a Game Day Pack- a bundle that includes a dry erase marker and eraser along with a roll-up sign. You choose the colors. We chose the red because Crimson and Grey are his school colors and WSU is the Cougars.
The boards are easy to write on and erase and folding it up does not run the ink. However, I let it dry a second before rolling up. They measure 9″ by 27″. This is plenty of room to get creative and write your messages.
The second product that offers a fun way to carry around your team pride is with keychains and bag tags. These come blank with very simple instructions to cut a photo to size or print a photo/logo to size and insert. Personalize It Yourself sent my son some pre-made Cougar pride products to carry around. Our youngest son is a huge Goosebumps fan and it is not possible to locate Goosebumps novelty items so I hopped online and printed him a logo to insert in the keychain and he proudly carries it around. How fun is this?
Personalize It Yourself has pens, luggage tags, keychains, stylus, tumblers, device cases and more you can customize online or at home and carry with you. Taking any of their items and inserting logos and College images is so easy and a special treat for your student.
The prices are so great at each site and you’ll have fun creating gifts to leave with your student that they will be proud to use and show off.